Kansas colleges prepare for gun-toting students

by LodiNews.com  |  published on November 30, 2015

As Kansas moves toward a time when guns will be as welcome on university campuses as laptops, students are starting to take notice and talk about how they’ll handle that day when it comes.

For many, it’s no big deal. For students who grew up in a largely rural state, surrounded by guns, having the student at the next desk carrying one in pocket or purse doesn’t feel particularly unfamiliar or uncomfortable.

Others are predicting disaster when any student or employee over 21 can carry concealed on campus, without a permit or training in how and when to deploy a deadly weapon.

  • Roy Fredrichsen

    In view of recent facts of multiple killings in “gun free zones”, having one student with a concealed carry license would make sense. To get the license he had to attend a training session to make him a more responsible armed citizen by being an aid to law enforcement. Why should the assailant be the only one on campus with a gun?

  • BOC

    Carry books!
    This is the only equipment and ‘weapons free’ environment that should be allowed. After all, this is their main source of provider service, isn’t it?

  • BOC

    Their land is flat and so is their mentality’. Why is ‘open carry’ an accepted policy on this college campus?

  • Mort Leith

    “Gun-toting” ? ?

    I am SO sick of libT ard pretend journalist trying to sway the story…
    How about “preparing for students to FINALLY be allowed to exercise their CONSTITUTION 2nd Amendment rights” ? ?

    • obama

      Because it’s asking for disaster. And if you cannot see that then maybe you should have earned a college education. Even in the real wild west, people were required to turn in their guns to the sheriff when they entered town. Guns and urban areas do not mix. Your NRA is a domestic terrorist organization with gallons of blood on its hands.

      • nonstopca

        Very funny…..you write for the onion don’t you?

        • BOC

          More importantly, he doesn’t write for Fox news or 1776.

      • Steve Underwood

        If you will study some history you will find that the towns in the wild west that required citizens to turn in their guns had the HIGHEST amount of shootouts and killings . FACTS prove that the presence of armed citizens REDUCES crime . I do think that before the students are allowed to carry they should take a safety course because carrying a weapon is a RESPONSIBILITY as much as a right .

      • tom2

        Disaster? Gallons of blood? Domestic terrorist organization? Aren’t you being a bit dramatic? Hyperbole seems out of place for a country (ahem) boy. Perhaps Lawrence, Manhattan & Wichita are too dangerous for you. Perhaps Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and New York would be a better fit for your dust-free boots.

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