Maine Gov. Paul LePage Apologizes For ‘White Girl’ Remark

by CORKY SIEMASZKO  |  published on January 9, 2016

Maine’s tough-talking governor admitted he made a “mistake” and apologized Friday for making what has been widely condemned as a racist remark at a town hall meeting.

But Gov. Paul LePage insisted he was being unfairly pilloried for “one slip-up.”

“I was going impromptu and my brain didn’t catch up to my mouth,” LePage said. “Instead of Maine women I said white women. … If you go to Maine, you can see it’s 95 percent white.”

  • Greg ALLEY

    Why is it when someone accidentally says the truth, they spend so much time apologizing for it.

    • gavinwca

      Because they are cowards, and refuse to stand by their words.

  • KDC

    Oh, for goodness sakes! I saw his apology. I didn’t even pick up that he said white women. Who even cares, except those thin skinned PC jerks. Oopps, I shouldn’t have said that, I might be hurting someone’s feelings. Ha, ha, ha, ha…good!

    • Sickofit

      Seriously!!! Why can the blacks say whatever they want & it’s ok?? But if a white person says ANYTHING and it’s racist??? SO GD SICK OF THE DOUBLE STANDARD!!!

  • GrizzMann

    At least it wasn’t, where are all da white women at.

    • Greg ALLEY

      Beg to correct you my good man…. It is……where all de white wimmenz be at

      • GrizzMann


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