Mass baptism lands Georgia high school football team in hot water

by ndrew Blake - The Washington Times  |  published on September 3, 2015

An apparent mass baptism that unfolded on the football field of a public high school in Georgia is now under investigation, the local school district says.

Carroll County Schools said Tuesday that it’s determining if any state or federal laws were violated when more than a dozen athletes on the Villa Rica High School football team were reportedly baptized on camera before a recent practice.

  • No matter how much Atheist Cowards deny, they will also Stand before Our Lord and Savior, Jesus, when they die, and be Judged!

  • Naomi Lackey

    This is so ridiculous. Were they forced to be baptized? It seems like ‘force’ is the way of the day. If this was by their own choice, it should not be a problem. They aren’t/weren’t destroying anything, they weren’t naked, they weren’t causing an uprising, they didn’t chant words of hate, etc. – IF all the desecrating groups can spew their hate wherever they choose, it seems that young people should be able to do a ‘quiet assembly’ wherever they choose. Why is the way of destruction so easily traveled, w/o any dissension?

  • edorr1atcoxdotnet

    I say HOORAY for all the players that were baptized, and boo hiss to those who want to make a big stink of it. I think it would be great if football teams across the US who are Christian would hold a mass baptism as a pre-game in defiance of the atheists, etc. If a player chooses not to be baptized that is his right. Oh, why not invite the cheerleaders, band members, as well.


    Oh yeah, that baptism stuff is tantamount to beheading in the muslim world……those words from the Bible must be gut wrenching to a government doofus….

  • MeForever

    ha ha ha Christians Baptised. Devils Burned.

  • Pam

    Of course it was the Fear & Flee Religion Freaks.
    Why has no one told them that if they had their way, THEY would be violating the Establishment Clause as their aim is to have the government ESTABLISH Atheism as the State Religion!
    Aside from that, they have ABSOLUTELY no credibility. They pick on Christians who are taught to turn the other cheek. BUT THEY DO NOT DARE TO SAY SQUAT when ANYTHING ABOUT ISLAM comes up. They are all craven cowards.

  • Luke

    I wonder what laws could have been passed to prevent an athlete from being saved from the heathen world that doesn’t believe in God to begin with, can you spell HYPOCRITE


    Nothing wrong here, but govt. idiots are trying to demonize Christianity.

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