Milwaukee police retrieve flag burned at GOP debate protest

by Associated Press  |  published on November 12, 2015

Milwaukee’s police chief said Wednesday that he’s proud of officers who extinguished and respectfully folded an American flag set on fire by a protester near the Republican presidential debate.

Photos and video of Tuesday night’s incident quickly spread on social media. They show officers putting out the flames near the Milwaukee Theatre and then ceremonially folding the flag.

Police Chief Edward Flynn said his officers are responsible for protecting the rights of protesters, but also have a duty “to take a treasured symbol of our national unity and freedom and treat it respectfully.”

  • reagangs

    Reminds me of a baseball (MLB) incident that happened on April 25, 1976, when Rick Monday, out fielder for the Dodges, retrieved an American Flag that had just been doused in lighter fluid and about to set afire near him. William Thomas and his young son were the guilty ones and the father was arrested. Monday was proclaimed a hero.

  • reagangs

    Hang his arse from the town square.

  • Luke

    Nothing I hate more than a pos that destroys the flag many people died for protecting so the pos could be an antiAmerican lowlife..

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