More Americans Get Stuck By ‘Unexpected’ ObamaCare Bills From Uncle Sam

by CNBC  |  published on April 11, 2015

obamacareLast year, a study found that about four out of every 10 people who received financial help from the government while buying their ObamaCare health plans had no idea they were getting any assistance.

This tax season, many of those people may be in for a rude surprise when they’re asked to pay some—or even all—of that money back.

That’s despite government and tax preparers last year repeatedly urging those enrolled in Obamacare plans to report changes in income during the year, to avoid a situation where they owed back—or were owed by the government—more in the way of subsidies come tax season.

“I wasn’t very happy,” said Mike Highsmith, 61, a retired US Airways flight attendant who learned after having his taxes done that he has to pay back every cent of the $6,624 in federal subsidies that helped pay the lion’s share of his plan.

“This shocked me … I didn’t know this was coming.” …

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  • This was a rushed through executive action that no one, not even our representatives, had read or understood. Anyone who didn’t like it was told, deal with it. It’s our money, and we had no choice. Government is taking over our businesses, retirement, health, freedom of speech, religion, and even what we eat.

  • Clayton Fitzgerald

    Obama: “If you like your doctor, you can keep him; if you like your healthcare plan, you can keep it.” Obama lied and lied repeatedly, but few have attempted to make him accountable for his prevarications.

  • Dee

    When will people learn that they can’t trust Obama?

    • steven jacobs

      if they don’t know by now then-never.

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