NAACP leader Dolezal cancels chapter meeting

by KREM-TV | USA TODAY  |  published on June 14, 2015

635696901131142345-naacp-leader-061215SPOKANE, Wash. — Amid unanswered questions about her ethnic identity and continued leadership, local NAACP acting president Rachel Dolezal on Sunday canceled a Monday meeting of the chapter.

“Due to the need to continue discussion with regional and national NAACP leaders, tomorrow’s meeting is postponed and will be rescheduled for a later date,” Dolezal said in an announcement emailed to media on Sunday.

Dolezal, who is also chairwoman of a police oversight committee, said Friday that she and her executive board would be making a statement at the Monday meeting about claims she misled people about her race.

  • Having a ignorant, mentally disturbed White Girl, passing herself off as a Black and the NAACP falling for it, does not say a lot about the intelligence of the NAACP, lol! If they cannot tell the difference between White and Black, then why the Race issue in the first place? Duh! Stupid is as Stupid does, accepts, says, and looks!

  • John VanderKelen

    The things people do to bring about division. There is only one human race. All human beings are descendants of Adam and Eve. The exception being Jesus Christ risen from the dead and Savior to all who call upon His name.

  • The redhawk

    This Moron would mot be related to SLICK WILLIE who claimed to be the FIRST BLACK president… or would she??????????

  • ijohnc1

    “The truth is not anything, it just is”…anon
    It is CYA time, looks like it is a little late to be closing the barn door.

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