Nasty: Al Sharpton Gets Physical With Reporter

by The Daily Caller  |  published on April 30, 2015

alsharpton2Fox News reporter Leland Vittert got into a heated — and eventually physical — confrontation with activist and MSNBC host Al Sharpton, when the latter tried to keep him from questioning Democratic Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake.

“We can’t ask questions?” Vittert challenged her. “You are a public official and we can’t ask questions?”

“You will have the opportunity,” Sharpton said.

“Then you’ll answer our questions?” he pressed.

“At the press conference, we will answer all questions,” Sharpton said. But as Vittert kept tailing them, a second man stepped between the reporter and the mayor and began pushing him away.

  • John Mackey

    Debi if Mayor Rawlings-Blake is being groomed to take a leadership role in the Democratic party the party is doomed. That would be like putting Al Shaprton in charge of the IRS. After all he’s a Tax dodger and a Racist.

    Wonder if there is a way for which we can ban MSNBC and demand the Firing of the Racist Al Sharpton.?

  • Wenny

    I am not a fan of Al Sharpton but the reporter was not pushed. A guard put up his hand to stop the reporter from approaching and did not push him but then the reporter did the famous FLOP. Please get the information right instead of blowing it out of proportion

    • darius medea

      Wenny, One question. Were you there? Did you observe the situaiton? Or, are you just trying to defend Sharpton?

  • John

    What is in the heart will reveal itself in word and action. With Al Sharpton it is not pleasant, much less true.

    • Robert Wilson

      Who is Al Sharpton?

      • Jarhead

        My black friend says he is a “nigga”!
        My doctor says he has AIDS!
        The IRS says he is a dead-beat!
        I believe my term of “MAGGOT” says it all.

  • debi

    I saw this on Fox News this morning and it was crazy!
    For people to compare Sharpton to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is crazy! I was young when Dr. King was leading the peaceful marches, and I never remember hearing him make public statements about “burning down the town” as Sharpton has previously stated.
    I heard a news reporter state Mayor Rawlings-Blake was one of those being groomed to take a leadership role in the Democratic Party. Seeing how she has handled the Baltimore matter makes me wonder how she even became Mayor!

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