Nathan Collier: Montana man inspired by same-sex marriage ruling requests right to wed two wives

by ANDREW BUNCOMBE | The Independent UK  |  published on July 3, 2015

NC-MontanaNathan Collier said he was inspired by the recent Supreme Court decision that made marriage equal. He said he was particularly struck by the words of dissenting Chief Justice John Roberts who claimed giving gay couples the right to marry, might inspire polygamy.

And so this week, Mr Collier and his two wives, Victoria and Christine, entered a courthouse in Billings, Montana, and sought an application to legalise the trio’s polygamous union,

“Right now we’re waiting for an answer,” Mr Collier told The Independent. “I have two wives because I love two women and I want my second wife to have the same legal rights and protection as my first.”

  • curtmavi38

    This is just the beginning, I read somewhere a man wanted to marry his cat, and another wanted to marry the Iffelle Tower. Come on where will this end.
    We have a lot of idiots in America and we need God’s laws to keep them in check. The three women on the Supreme Court should be impeached, they should have recused themselves from the vote about gay marriage because they had already officiated in gay marriages before the vote. I will tell you this no manmade supreme court has authority over God’s law. The supreme court has just lost the respect of the majority of Americans. No one can trust them to give a just verdict. I had much rather see a man marry two wives than two men or two women marry. Completely futile. meh

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