Nebraska Sen. Ernie Chambers: ‘If I was a white guy,’ I’d ‘mow everybody down’ with semiautomatic

by Jessica Chasmar  |  published on March 26, 2016

Nebraska state Sen. Ernie Chambers is facing backlash for saying he would mow down his colleagues with a semiautomatic if he “was a white guy.”

Mr. Chambers, an independent, made the comments Wednesday during a debate on a measure to prohibit job discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity, The Lincoln Journal Star reported.

Mr. Chambers explained why he had watched much of the debate from his downstairs office.

“If I was up here I’d probably pick these books up and start throwing them around,” he said. “If I was a white guy, I’d go get my semiautomatic weapon and come down here and mow everybody down.”

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