Nevada’s GOP governor being vetted for Supreme Court: report

by Harper Neidig  |  published on February 25, 2016

Republican Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval is being vetted to fill the Supreme Court vacancy left by Antonin Scalia’s death, The Washington Post reported Wednesday.

The report cites two unnamed sources that are familiar with the process.

Sandoval is considered a moderate Republican.

White House press secretary Josh Earnest on Wednesday would not comment on whether the White House is vetting Sandoval.

“I suspect it is only the first of many stories that speculate on potential Supreme Court nominees,” Earnest said of the report.

  • Franie

    I wouldn’t trust anyone Obama nominates for SCOTUS. This guy is more than likely, another wolf in sheep’s clothing. You know, something like Stevens is.

  • Don

    As a Nevadan I can state; Sandoval is the most Liberal Republican I have encountered in my 68 years on this planet! Obuma would win big with this guy’s appointment…. Dupe the Republicans and get a Liberal Justice!

  • Phyllis

    Strike one..This man is from Harry Reid’s state. Strike two..He is considered a moderate.(a double minded man is unstable in all his ways.) Strike three..He is being considered by Obama which means the man is…a political ploy. In ’05, Reid argued that the outgoing president should NOT select a Supreme Court Justice and there was still 18 months to go. Biden argued the same thing in ’92 and is now waffling on what he meant which by the way is on film in both situations.

  • Warpaint

    Just say NO to anyone put forth by this quisling

  • mudguy1

    A Moderate is one who goes along with which ever way the wind blows.
    If Sandoval accepts the nomination or even goes along with the vetting proves that he is Rino and is not a true Republican. And will show his disrespect for McConnell’s and the party’s decisions to let the next President make the appointment.

    • Phyllis

      I agree except for the part about disrespect to McConnell which he deserves in all areas.

      • mudguy1

        Yes I agree. There as been very little that he has done deserves any respect. Hopefully he sticks to what he has said about the SCOTUS.

    • Ken says

      That’s interesting – I didn’t know that anyone outside the RINOs running the GOP respected old RINO Mitch McConnell.

      • mudguy1

        Yes I know but even a broken clock is right twice a day.

  • TeaTephi

    Moderate Republican,,,,,,,,,,,,, meaning just another RINO.

    • Danny Reagan

      He is the most liberal of all the RINOs

  • Charles Reed

    Could be a bait to see if the Senate bite, then appoint a true left wringer and use polities to say they not being fair.

  • John Gasper

    A MODERATE IS A leftist, liberal gutless piece of excrement in Conservative clothing!!!! We have way, way , way to many posing as Conservatives NOW!!! The idea sinks!

  • Retired Marine

    Nevada? Reid’s home state. Moderate with left leaning tendencies or he would not have been elected in Nevada.

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