New Hampshire voter-fraud probe into Sanders campaign expands after latest Project Veritas video

by Valerie Richardson  |  published on February 20, 2016

The New Hampshire voter-fraud investigation into Vermont Sen. Bernard Sanders’ campaign has grown with the release of a second undercover video showing out-of-state staffers saying they exploited the law in order to vote in the Democratic presidential primary.

New Hampshire Assistant Attorney General Stephen G. LaBonte said Thursday he had seen both hidden-camera videos released this month by Project Veritas Action, including the latest footage showing top staffers saying they had registered to vote using the campaign office’s address in Manchester, an apparent violation of state law.

Mr. LaBonte launched an investigation last week after the release of the first Project Veritas video, which shows poll workers advising undercover investigators on how to game the system to vote in the Feb. 9 primary.

“I’ve seen the first video. I’ve also seen the second video,” Mr. LaBonte told The Washington Times. “We are looking into it.”

  • The Redhawk

    HOW DARE they ACCUSE a SOCIALIST for “QUESTIONABLE” Practices…Just look how well Venezuela and Cuba have done under such UPSTANDING SYSTEMS Just because their Citizen go to dangerous lengths to FLEE…

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