No charges yet for Navy officer who fired back during Chattanooga rampage; probe continues

by Andrew Blake - The Washington Times  |  published on August 4, 2015

The Pentagon says it’s far from finishing its review of last month’s rampage in Chattanooga, rejecting reports that charges are about to be brought against a Navy officer who engaged the man accused of opening fire at two military installations, killing five.

Provoked by a barrage of complaints, the Navy said on Sunday that it has not charged Lt. Cmdr. Timothy White with any counts related to the July 16 tragedy.

  • carpkiller

    He is accused. Why not just say the truth? He was firing a gun and killing Americans.

  • FurburgerBC

    He needs to be honored not charged! He did whats right!

  • Frith

    Liberialism and stupidity are killing this country. Anyone has the right to self-defense if attacked. Lt Cmder White deserves a medal.

  • Phyllis

    Hopefully the Lt. Cmdr. will be honored for his extreme bravery to try and save the lives of those on duty…what kind of leadership do we have at the pentagon that would even contemplate arms being removed from our servicemen in what ever capacity they are serving?….If they want to disarm someone, disarm the Secret Service that accompanies the POTUS, so he will know what it is like to be exposed to “workplace violence”, be it real or fake…

  • 7papa7

    Charges absolutely NOT, Lt. Cmdr. Timothy White should be given a medal for his act of defending American Marines and Navy personal. He is a hero which is why they will probably make him a scapegoat. IMHO if charges are brought SecNav needs to be replaced for NOT standing up for his men when they are being persecuted by the PC administration. I know I will be calling for his resignation/firing if does nothing to protect his men.

    • podunk1

      If he isn’t a hero, what is McCain or especially the oath bound scum bags who want to prosecute him?

      • 7papa7

        We are seeing more and more that the oath that politicians take mean nothing and I seriously doubt that many in the military even remember the oath they took especially those that have been in for 15 years or so. They have forgotten that part that says they will defend America from ALL enemies foreign and DOMESTIC. They have become just words they repeated and not an absolute mandate.

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