North Carolina’s Congressional Primaries Are A Mess Because Of These Maps

by Tom Bullock  |  published on March 11, 2016

North Carolina voters are likely to be confused when they arrive at their polling places on March 15. In addition to presidential candidates, voters will see congressional primary candidates on the ballot.

But thanks to a federal court decision, the districts those candidates represent no longer exist and any votes in those races won’t count.

Thanks to three judges, two animal shapes and one hastily redrawn map of U.S. House seats, North Carolina politics have been thrown into chaos.

It started to go off the rails Feb. 5 when a panel of three federal judges determined that the boundaries of the state’s 1st and 12th congressional districts were drawn in such a way as to concentrate African-American voters and dilute their overall influence.

  • maxx

    Political monkey business has it hands in every aspect of our lives. That’s why we are all slaves to a rogue federal government that was never meant to have the power it has “confiscated ” today.

  • ADRoberts

    Want to bet what the new map is. It will give the blacks just over 50% in a lot more districts so they actually have MORE INFLUENCE than they should.
    Want to bet what those judges are, politically? I know.
    How about if we take all states and have a voting system where you vote for ONE guy out of an entire rack of candidates. That way, NO GERRYMANDERING.
    It will be almost impossible for a group to come u with a way to manipulate the voting so that they get to maximize their own or minimize others that way.

  • Pat Cross

    another case of down-home Southern voting for ya………crooked as all hell

  • Patriot47

    If people KNEW how much gerrymandering hurts their power it would be vilified.

    • ADRoberts

      The basis of all sin is Control. And that is what all politics, government and most of business is about.
      And so many want a business guy to lead. LOL

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