One-time rising star Hubbard to stand trial on ethics charges

by Mike Cason  |  published on May 23, 2016

Alabama House Speaker Mike Hubbard goes on trial starting Tuesday in a case that could not only end his once-soaring political career but also send him to prison.

Hubbard, 54, is scheduled to stand trial in Opelika on 23 felony violations of the state ethics law, allegations that he used his public offices for personal benefit.

Hubbard has maintained his innocence.

The Republican from Auburn called the case “a political witch hunt” shortly after a special grand jury in Lee County issued the indictment in October 2014.

  • Rodney Steward

    Well, I tried to pull up the story but it wouldn’t let me have it, but I’m sure what ever it was couldn’t be anything that could compare to what this pervert of a President has done! And also if he had just called it a foundation, he could be running for President too! I’m sure it had to do with money!!!

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