Oregon launches program to tax drivers by the mile

July 4, 2015

072015_hn_springer_640 (1)David Hastings is a rare American. This long-time hybrid car owner from Oregon wants to pay higher taxes for roads and bridges and says the current 30 cents per gallon state gas tax barely affects him.

“I’ve been free-loading on the highways for 20 years driving electric cars or hybrid cars, getting at least 40 miles to the gallon. So I haven’t been paying my share,” Hastings said.

Now, Hastings will pay more thanks to OReGO — the first pay-by-the-mile program in the U.S.

  • Tammy Dorsey Berthaut

    People are so stupid! I live in NC and they want to do this to. Just moved away from Charlotte where they want to put in toll roads everywhere. YET we pay a state tax for “personal property” of our car every year for the roads. This runs on average $60 for a old car to $500.00+++ for a new car since its based on value of your car. One of the reasons I keep my 99 car. I still pay around $50 a year since they seem to think a 99 with a salvage title is worth $2500. (car was wrecked and while still drives great, only has 52,000 miles and looks decent it is not worth $2500 if I were to sell it) Now they want to add per mile fees. Well now I live in a rural area where everything is 10+ miles away. Just can’t win. These liberals spend, spend, spend then come to the rest of us with their hand out for more money. Wake up people…start fighting this BS!

  • John Gray

    BIG BROTHER IS HERE AND WELL I for one will move !

  • I used to want to move to Oregon, but the state sounds like it is turning full blown Commie! Sounds like Arms needs to be taken up against the tyrants in Oregon’s state government! Apparently, they are no longer “American” but more like Stalin than Reagan!

  • mustang6984

    Just another way to allow liberals to steal money from your pocket. Those who drive 15000 a year paying the gas tax in Oregon (which with Federal Tax added in is around $0.55 per gallon) currently pay about $330 if their car gets 25 mpg.
    Under this program…no matter WHAT you drive…at 10 miles to the gallon or 40 miles to the gallon or a fully electric car…you will be paying $225 a year for that number of miles. Sounds fine…until you realize that if you take a trip, out of state…you will be paying gas tax in the states you travel to, PLUS the mileage tax of Oregon. Since the Portland area is populated with people who drive into WA state every day for work, or who go to WA state on a regular basis for weekends and such…they get shafted paying the WA gas tax and the Oregon mileage tax.
    Additionally, raising this little mileage tax will be easy…and done in small increments until suddenly your road tax is bumped up to about $0..3 – 0.05 a mile. (ask WA residents about how the Narrows Bridge toll has gone up over the years…the toll that was supposed to ALWAYS be at $3.00 per crossing…and is now at $5.50+ per crossing)

    No thanks…I want to make it HARD for them to raise my driving costs…not easier. And I don’t need them sticking some tracking device in my car so they know where I am all the time.

  • KentS

    I wonder who Hastings works for. I’m guessing it’s OReGO.

  • I live in North Carolina and there has been talk of this plan here. We, as a state, have the higher gas taxes in the USA and since I am retired and only drive about 30 miles a week, I would like this plan. What say???

    • mustang6984

      You don’t have the highest gas tax in the nation…not by a long shot. But t is high no doubt.
      WA state, Hawaii and Califckya are higher.
      (Note…while not yet on the internet info sites…WA state will now have a combined tax of $0.67+ per gallon for gasoline, and $0.72+ for diesel soon. Passed by the legislature just this past week.

  • Webb

    David Hastings is a rare American…No, he is an Idiot!!
    Abolish the ABC agencies.. And There is Plenty Of Tax Money For roads, bridges and infrastructure all across the USA>>>
    Or for you Liberals in Oregon, enjoy your GPS And Mileage Garbage!!
    No thanks For Me.

  • VirgoVince

    And if the people of OR allow this to happen, they deserve what they get!
    What is wrong with these people??

    • MeForever

      check out the list of “missing” children and look at the “shure-if” puppet and the “officials” responsible for locating them. A state of pedophiles and sicko “news agency” culprits who help hide facts from public. It’s a test ground for crap to be shoveled down on California not that CA needs that help. CA does filth on its own with crap people. Yeah, saying it like it is. Both Coasts are destroyed by ilk. We started out great, strong, did great things… and then the ilk slithered in and got their stranglehold on all our government offices and agencies, education, finance (Wilson destroyed our finances that were responsibility of Congress where citizens had control and he gave the responsibility to his ilk controllers and approved Federal Reserve which is a total lie… not Federal and no way Reserve.) When we investigate Fed Res we will return job to Congress, when we close Federal Dept of Education and destroy it’s tentacles that reach into all our lives we will save future Generations ending freaks that destroy people in Oregon.

    • mustang6984

      Like WA state they have been infested over the years by the liberal garbage moving in from Califckya! The entire west coast is now just one big sewer.

  • jerry young

    fools and their money are soon parted, smart people won’t pay the tax, exempt yourself move out of oregon or everyone stop driving your cars, walk, when you can ride a bike but by all means oppose this stupid tax before the rest of the states jump on the band wagon, the next tax will be on how may squares of toilet paper you use

    • MeForever

      that’s the prob… Oregon “natives” have been dumbed down by the Progressive Fed Dept of Education, and others consider those dummies to be useful idiots they make money on. Would take a moral man to move his family out of that sewer, but morality is laughed at by the controllers who want to keep their prey handy. Look at the crime in OR… you’ll have to search because the Controllers hide most of it. Look at one of their Politicians who likes to stand at the Senate Podium and spread his crap… he wears a bicycle pin on his jacket for years and touts the great thing the bicycle is… surely some people in Oregon can now put 2&2 together and understand that their polly was working with the controllers to put them on the bicycle path all along. When we see them reject the bike pusher, we can start to think some determined OR people can still think. Nah… don’t count on it.

      • mustang6984

        The entire west coast has become a sewer. As for the crime rate…Vancouver P.D. in WA state has long maintained that their budget could be cut by 1/3 is they didn’t have to deal with the4 trash from Portland that comes over to cause trouble.

  • Mike N

    Gasoline tax is taxed by the gallon consumed not by the mile. If you have an electric auto you can drive 100 miles and pay no tax. If you have a boat you pay gas tax and drive zero miles. The problem with taxing by the mile is it doesn’t account for miles driven out of the state. The only real fair road tax is a tax on tab renewals.

    • msueh

      How is it fair for those who rarely drive (seniors or retired folks…) having to pay an increased tax on their tabs when that licensed vehicle spends most of its life parked?

      • Mike N

        A good point. I am a retired senior and I am hurt by the excessive gas tax. You do make a point that I haven’t thought of; however. I guess every method has it’s pluses and minuses. I still think a renewal tax would be most fair.

    • mustang6984

      Tried that in WA state. No one could afford the license fees! Who wants to pay $65 to renew tabs on a 25 year old car? Or $300 for a 5 year old car?

      • Mike N

        The problem in WA was that they based the license renewal on the value of the car. I remember that I paid over $800 for a tab on a car that was at least a couple of years old. A reasonable flat tax is the only fair way for transportation issues. I would favor gas taxes if it were not so unfair. I have a boat and pull it with a pickup so I pay well beyond my fair share. My neighbor has an electric car so he pays no gas tax.

        • Michael

          If he hooks up to his house he pays more in electrical fees of course it is not road tax fees.

          • mustang6984

            Actually…not that much…not enough to offset the usage of the road. Sadly! Plus…how do you get the money back from the private entity that he pays it to in order to cover his share of road wear & tear?

        • mustang6984

          Yea, I remember that. But THEIR version of the value of the car was inflexible. I had a car that I had to pay over $100 for in license renewal…based on what THEY stated was the value of the car…yet there was NO WAY I could have ever sold that car for that value.

          Yea, gas tax would be fair…IF they knew how to intelligently spend the money but they do not. Seems like the specialize in being totally brain-dead when doing so.
          Case in point: the exit on I-5 just north of the Nisqually weigh station. The “estimated” amount to build that exit/on-ramp was given to Weyerhauser, who was told that it had to be built BEFORE they would be allowed to develop their Dupont properties. Weyerhauser told the state they would pay for the entire project, (instead of the “percentage” that the state wanted them to pay for) if the state would allow Weyerhauser to design, contract and build the project…no state monies or contractors needed.
          The state agreed as long as they approved the design and inspectors signed off on the project in agreed upon stages.
          Weyerhauser designed, hired out/contracted or built with their own construction arm of the company, the ENTIRE exit/on-ramp in LESS time than the state said it would take them to DESIGN it! And they did it for LESS money!

          The state should NOT be in the road building business…they spend too much wastefully and take too long! We are about to see the state gas tax rise by $0.11.5 a gallon courtesy of this session of the legislature, along with another increase in bridge tolls for the Narrows bridge, and toll roads in KING County. And they STILL want more!

  • MarcJ

    Gasoline tax is already tax by mile!

  • Richard Schwartz

    Tax me by the mile. That is great. Disconnect the speedometer. Who will pay for putting seals on each end of speedometer. The birth of a new industry. Reminds me of the catalytic converter replacement with a straight pipe or gutting the converter. My speedometer quit working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • MeForever

      catalytic converters were start of govt control, had nothing to do with auto industry or safety. Hard to believe you are in OR. You are tooooo American smart.

  • disqus_tKlEuAw2uq

    tell that state to go to H

    • MeForever

      the captives have obediently made it a hell… especially for innocent children. Yes, D them to H, they deserve it.


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