Oregon passengers can now carry marijuana on in-state flights

by Jessica Chasmar - The Washington Times  |  published on July 13, 2015

Oregon’s largest airport is now allowing passengers to carry marijuana aboard in-state flights under the state’s recreational marijuana law that went into effect this month.

Transportation Security Administration officials at Portland International Airport (PDX) are instructed to notify Port Police if a passenger is trying to bring marijuana past security, a local Fox affiliate reported.

Police will then check the passenger’s driver’s license to determine if they’re 21 or older and that their boarding pass is in-state, since to transport marijuana to another state is a federal crime. If all is clear, the passenger is able to board his or her flight, Fox reported.

  • danske

    How is possessing cannabis on any flight a security issue? The cannabis doesn’t threaten flight safe, but maybe a lighter does.

  • Smitch

    If I see one POTHEAD with pot on their person…game on!!!

    • Lol, like they are going to have it out to show you! Course, they may if they are Stoner Stupid, and many, many are that way! Unless your the Fed Marshall sitting on the plane, not much you could do. Try anything on the plane and you might end up being arrested, which would ruin anyone’s day!

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