Owner declares Florida gun store ‘Muslim-free’

by Tyler Shepard | ClickOrlando.com  |  published on July 22, 2015

Muslim-FLINVERNESS, Fla. -A Florida man has sparked controversy after declaring his gun store “Muslim-free.”

“I will not arm and train those who wish to do harm to my fellow patriots,” Florida Gun Supply owner Andy Hallinan said in a YouTube video.

Hallinan said one employee quit after he posted the video.

  • satelliter

    WTF!!!…When I click on you tube video link, I get a variety of advertising pages…NO VIDEO

  • VirgoVince

    The entire U.S.A. SHOULD be mu-slime free and would be if we had REAL American leaders! Make it so!!

  • jdbixii

    Hurrah for this man! He is truly helping to provide for the common defense.

  • carpkiller

    Good job sir. More of you we need.

  • Thomas Goss

    Good for him, we need more patriotic Americans willing to stand up. SCREW the god dam muslims, kick ALL of them out of my country.

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