Pennsylvania police reportedly warned 3 ‘radical’ associates of terror suspect on the loose

by  |  published on January 12, 2016

Philadelphia police have been told that three “radical” associates of a self-proclaimed ISIS-inspired gunman who attacked a cop Thursday were still at large and that “the threat to police is not over,” according to a published report.

A law enforcement source told Fox News that city police and the FBI were investigating the tip, which came from a woman who stopped an officer on the street Saturday night.

The Philadelpha Inquirer reported Sunday that the woman told police that Edward Archer, who allegedly shot and wounded Officer Jesse Hartnett while the officer sat in his patrol car, had associations with three other men, all of whom were more “radical” than Archer.

  • KDC

    None of its going to be over till we stop the influx of immigrants into this country. America needs a plan how to address these people coming in AND how to maintain a watchful eye after they are here. As it is now, they let them in, and they’re off running about the country with no accountability. This is dangerous to the citizens of this country. Yet they expect the citizens to foot the bill for these people. No other country has such disregard to the citizens. Well, except Germany. Do we want that?

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