by CBS Philadelphia  |  published on September 29, 2015

PHILADELPHIA – Philadelphia has put into place major security measures for the Papal visit, including the shutdown of major roads, school closures and more.

One Philadelphia chef took to Facebook to share how he felt about the planning of the massive event.

Marc Vetri writes, “We’re clearly all thrilled that Pope Francis is here. Never has there been a Pope in history that people have such admiration for while having such a gentle voice that transcends all religions and all walks of life. I can say that I was thrilled that the Pope has chosen Philadelphia to spread his message…and I remain thrilled.

  • Pam

    I think mr. vetri must be very young. Pope (Saint) John Paul the second was a Pope for the people. He knew the world for what it was and ministered to people’s souls. (And I am not catholic.)
    papa francis is a communist and bears a striking resemblance to the false head of the church who stands at the right hand of the anti-christ.
    At the very least, he is one of these “new world order” nut cases.

  • reggie

    People have admiration for this guy? Glad Marc Vetri told me. mr pope needs to go back where he belongs, and to stay out of governmental business. In the words of Donald Trump: YOU’RE FIRED, pope, go home and take care of your flock.

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