Plan to transfer Gitmo detainees angers Colorado

by Valerie Richardson - The Washington Times  |  published on October 5, 2015

DENVER — The Defense Department’s plan to consider two Colorado prisons as possible destinations for Guantanamo Bay detainees is meeting with outrage from the state’s Republican congressional delegation, demonstrating the political resistance President Obama faces as he tries to honor his promise to close down the Cuba detainee facility.

Rep. Doug Lamborn, the Colorado Republican who represents the district in which both prisons are located, called it “outrageous and unacceptable for President Obama to waste time and taxpayer dollars on a dangerous fantasy that will go nowhere.”

  • Richard Schwartz

    If GITMO PEOPLE are segregated who can they change to radical Muslims?

  • mydogpopo

    o is one piece of worthless crap……what say you?

  • Larry

    Another insane idea from our insane government. Prisoners of America should not be put in American jails they should have been terminated like they did the people of peace.

    • donemyhomework

      Those are strong words, but you know, I know them and their mentality….courtesy of Nicolai Sennels. Might as well have Jason of Friday the thirteenth in your back yard.

  • used_to_be_a_liberal

    Could some-one straighten me out on this, because I just don’t get it. Obama says he wants to shut down Club Gitmo, why?? “They” just spent 1 million dollars to give his friends a soccer field to play on, his friends in Gitmo get special meals, they have sun, palm trees, and beaches, a degree of privacy, their “religious” rights are protected, they have access to T V, radio, and other good things, so why would Obama want to take that away from them, then send them to a concrete, and steel environment. Doesn’t make any sense.

    • HappyHuntress

      Obama wants to give Gitmo back to Cuba dictators, so they can lease it to Russia.

  • HappyHuntress

    Put them in the Whitehouse with the rest of the Muslim Brotherhood. (Scarc)

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