by CAROLINE MAY | Breitbart  |  published on September 6, 2015

A majority of Californians are opposed to “sanctuary city” policies in which local jurisdictions ignore federal immigration detainer requests, according to a new poll from the Institute of Governmental Studies (IGS) at the University of California, Berkeley.

The poll, released Friday, reveals that opposition to local officials ignoring federal immigration requests runs high in The Golden State and cuts across ideological and ethnic lines.

According to the online survey of 1,098 California residents, 74 percent said “local authorities should not be able to ignore these federal requests,” and just 26 percent said authorities should be able to ignore such requests.

  • saviano

    Whose listening to the majority of CA’s polled in this requests?
    As Grizz Mann below stated:
    while voting in the open border Dems , to represent you , to overly tax you, to support the, whose the daddy crowd and feed and educate.
    Fact is; they don’t educate very well do they? and the Federal Govt. is now the daddy of the breeders that make a living off of welfare.
    Fact is, 51% of all illegals are getting at least one welfare check that you’ve been told is, an entitlement check.
    Some of you found out they lied to you…that illegal do kill and cripple….
    My next question for citizens of Ca. “Where’s the outrage ?”
    Where’s the citizen protest en masse in CA to force your Sheriff Dept. to comply to Federal Laws.
    The judges and other agencies fired who are in violation of all Federal Laws. The city elected representative that are suppose to represent you the citizen and who are paid off to look the other way.
    while Ca. just slides along like any lazy house pet.
    Good luck with that and my best to you Grizz.

  • MeForever

    The proof of the pudding is in the taste. When California votes in Christian Senators and Reps, it will cause New York to have courage and do the same. We can take back the USA from those destroying us. Takes courage to stand as a Christian these days. Hope California will stop wobbling and reclaim their State. It’s as simple as that.

  • Charlie Jordan

    horray for Calif. deport about 3 million and CA might return to be a beautiful state again

  • tom2

    Predictable. Illegal aliens have been swarming into California in such colossal numbers that nobody knows who’s legal and who’s not. California doesn’t even know who’s criminally dangerous and who’s not. It’s an Alinsky-styled mess that rivals ObamaCare and it’s intended to perpetuate control by the likes of moonbeam. California’s only now paying attention to the majority that opposes illegal alien presence because illegal aliens have become dangerous, irredeemably expensive and they’ve put a powerful spotlight on the leftists who caused the chaos.

    • Pam

      Very well stated! Alinsky must be standing at the right hand of Satan by now, his seeds have borne such bountiful fruit.

  • GrizzMann

    Oppose to ”sanctuary city”, but vote for open borders Democrats. Well Done, voters.

    • Catherine McCoy

      This is an Elite/Corporate issue, not a Democrat issue

      • GrizzMann

        What politician in Democrat run California has ever not supported open borders. Open to gangs, rapist, murderers, and those just looking to bring their culture to enrich America?

        • Catherine McCoy

          The Elite/Corporates on both sides of the aisle want to flood the country with cheap labor including Bush who is as Elite/Corporate as they come

          • GrizzMann

            What is the dominate party of California? Governor Bush in charge??

          • Catherine McCoy

            Grizz, The dominant party in CA is crooks of both stripes. It is rare to see an honest politician in that state. And you are right, the gov is as crooked as they come.

          • Catherine McCoy

            Grizz, I live in Riverside County CA, the “dissident zone” on the Jade helm map. We are overloaded with GOP crooks here as well as Dem.

          • GrizzMann

            The term for crooked GOP party members is RINO. The Democrat wannabees.

          • Catherine McCoy

            Coulnt agree more. These crooks on both sides dont conform to any particular concept except to make as much money as possible

  • Saltporkdoc

    Silly…majorities are for democratic Republics…NOT oligarchies like Kalifornia and Amerika [sic]

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