Presidential hopeful Martin O’Malley makes crucial Iowa hire

by Ben Jacobs, The Guardian  |  published on May 16, 2015

Martin O’Malley is getting serious about challenging Hillary Clinton in Iowa.

While Clinton has already had more than 40 staffers in the ground since April in the state, which holds the first nominating contest in the Democratic primary, O’Malley has locked down one of Iowa’s top Democratic operatives.

According to multiple Democratic sources, Joe O’Hern, a veteran field operative in the state, is slated to be the caucus director for the former Maryland governor in Iowa, a position which oversees voter contact. The Des Moines Register credited O’Hern with putting together “the largest field effort ever in a midterm election” for the Iowa Democratic party in 2014 and he also oversaw campaign efforts in the midwest for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee in 2012.

  • David in MA

    Martin O’Malley, approved of same sex marriges and college for illegals, among other things. Looks like just another democratic socialist intent on destroying American values.

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