Puerto Rican crisis roils 2016 race

by Peter Schroeder  |  published on March 3, 2016

Puerto Rico’s economic crisis could play a critical role in the race for the White House.

Years of economic decline has driven hundreds of thousands of island residents to the US mainland, and is upending the political calculus on the presidential trail.

Puerto Rican residents cannot vote for the president in the general election, but can cast votes in primary contests.

The hotly contested Republican primary now has every candidate scrambling for whatever delegates they can find, leaving Puerto Rico’s oft-ignored primary on March 6 a unique opportunity for a pickup.

  • Pam

    The U.S. should have cut PR loose years ago and then told the “faln” nutjobs, be careful what you wish for; no more welfare, no more food stamps, no more ANYTHING!

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