Ranch Owner Sees Increase of Illegal Crossing Activity in Area

by KRGV  |  published on May 13, 2016

A landowner living near Rincon said illegal crossing activity has started to pick up in the area.

The landowner named Junior asked CHANNEL 5 NEWS not to use his last name. He said he makes it out to his family ranch at least twice a week. He likes to relax, target shoot and enjoy the nighttime scenery there.

Junior said sometimes he sees small groups of people walking through the rancher after crossing the Rio Grande River. That changed a few days ago when he saw a big crowd.

“When I do see a group, it ranges between five, 10, maybe 15,” Junior said. “But 10 days ago, when I saw 30, 40, almost 40, people, I knew something is coming up, it’s changing. And it’s not changing for the good.”

  • Lee

    No surprise.

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