Rebel recall: Virginians told to turn in Confederate-themed license plates

by  |  published on August 8, 2015

Virginia is targeting 1,691 license plates bearing the Confederate battle flag in a statewide recall that will replace the existing tags with new ones without the controversial image.

The Virginian-Pilot reported that it’s unclear how quickly the flag tags will disappear from state highways now that the plates are being recalled and replaced following a federal judge’s ruling Thursday lifting a 2001 injunction that allowed the image.

“We’re working as quickly as possible to get this done,” Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles spokeswoman Brandy Brubaker told the paper.

  • Only Cowards bow down to the this PC Insanity the Leftist Vomit Bucket Maggots are trying to force on our Nation! Fight Back! Do NOT bow down to this insanity of these racist (N)wiggers, no matter what color they are. Whites and Blacks do not act like Idiots, but contribute to our society, but these PC fecal worms are not Blacks or Whites, but the scum we use forbidden words to name! Our nation needs to be rid of them.

  • tom2

    I wonder if they have Redskin tags. As the oldest of the colonies, many place names honor those who drove Native American peoples and cultures into near extinction. Perhaps survivors should demand all those places be renamed to reflect this generation’s idea of political correctness. Oh, what the heck. Just go ahead and repeal the 1st Amendment. It’s almost gone already so few will miss it, certainly not the media herd.

  • James

    The more fuss the gov. makes out of the Confederate flag, the more I see them displayed throughout our local in the upper mid-west. Even Northerners despise the Feds, (aka Obama-ites) intrusion into our basic rights!

    • I am from Oklahoma and have never owned anything with a Confederate Flag or symbol on it, in my entire 63 years, never cared to, never thought about it. Today, I am buying everything I see with the symbol on it, stickers, flags, tags, pins, etc! Just like with Gun Control, the Leftist idiots only get people to buy more, lol! If the Leftist Vomit Bucket hates it, then invest in it!

  • rapunzel972

    I agree, Papabear.

  • Papabear Dilley

    This PC bullshit is starting to become silly!

    • joe

      No, not “silly”, it became _dangerous_ many years ago. In its beginning back in the 1980s, it was “silly”.

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