Rev. Jesse Jackson calls Flint a “disaster zone,” asks for federal help

by Roberto Acosta  |  published on January 18, 2016

Residents picked up water from a hallway outside the sanctuary area Sunday, Jan. 17 at Heavenly Host Full Gospel Baptist Church in Flint, while a water resource team flanked by Michigan State Police handed out items at homes down Dartmouth Street.

Inside the sanctuary, Rev. Jesse Jackson and several others joining him behind the pulpit let flow some strong words about the city’s water crisis and steps that should be taken to remedy the situation.

“This is a disaster zone, not just an emergency,” he said. “Maybe there should be (police) tape around the city of Flint, because Flint is a crime scene.”

  • john

    This is what liberal democrats do to cities, just like detroit

    And this is what obama is doing to the entire country

  • Dayne Walling was the Democratic Mayor until 2015! This all happened under his watch, which is typical of any and all Democratic Cities. Perfect examples of Democratic Leadership is Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore, LA, all nothing but cities of Trash and Crime today!

  • Larry J. Overfield

    I grew up in Flint, or rather Genesee county just outside of Flint city limits. I worked for Buick motor division, and helped thru the UAW to destroy that city by demanding more from the corporation and the city than the people themselves were willing to shoulder. I was part of supporting an over bloated government that did less and taxed more, that ended driving much of the auto industry out of not just Flint, but most of Michigan. Flint, Michigan will always be dear to my heart, and I recoil at my part in its downfall. Yes I left because I had to do what was best for me and my family, and to follow God’s leading in my life. I still pray for you, my city Flint.

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