Secret Service agents leaked Jason Chaffetz’s file amid probe

by Andrea Noble - The Washington Times  |  published on October 1, 2015

At 10 a.m. on March 24, Rep. Jason Chaffetz convened a House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing to look into scandals involving the Secret Service.

Eighteen minutes later, a Secret Service agent improperly accessed the agency’s restricted database to unearth unflattering information about the Utah Republican — namely, that he had once unsuccessfully applied for a job with the agency.

  • Rowdy

    The Secret Service, and the CIA comprise the major portion of the shadow government that directs the destruction of the U.S. that we love. Their idea is a country just as powerful but without the constraints the American people try to impose.

  • Pam

    And, of course Jeh Johnson is “outraged” at this “unacceptable” behavior and he will “get to the bottom” of this and people will be “held accountable”. Sound familiar? That’s Soetoro speak for “we got caught AGAIN so we’re going to bluster for a while and then push it under the rug with the rest of the bodies.

  • 4lifeandfreedom

    “Secrets” can be leaked–Hillary is aware of that now, isn’t she? But “what difference does it make now, anyway,” according to the Queen of lies and deception! “It is MY turn to be president and destroy this country even more,” says she. Jason Chaffetz is disparaged because he did not get the job–so what! Hillary should be ousted because she DID get the job of Secretary of State and blood is on her hands!

  • Denise ogrady

    Boy those dumbocrats will try anything to make themselves look important. To bad it always backfires. If they weren’t so stupid they would get it. But DUH!

  • libsrtheh8ters

    Typical leftwing terrorist tactics. This is how they keep their political foes in line.

  • reggie

    Guess Chaffetz hit a nerve, didn’t he. So what if Chaffetz didn’t get the job. Sounds like he’s too honest for it.

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