Sheriff tells Oregon standoff backers to stay out of arrest

March 23, 2016

Helena, Mont. • The last named defendant in the armed occupation of an Oregon wildlife refuge was still at large Tuesday, drawing calls for supporters to flock to his Montana hometown and a local sheriff to urge outsiders to stay of it.

Supporters of the 41-day standoff this winter over U.S. land restrictions used social media to rally behind Jake Ryan, urging the sheriff to resist federal efforts to apprehend him and for people to head to the small northwestern town of Plains to pray with Ryan’s family.

Sanders County Sheriff Tom Rummel, trying to head off any new armed conflicts, warned standoff supporters to stay away during negotiations for Ryan’s arrest.

“There is no standoff, and I want to keep it that way,” Rummel told The Associated Press. “I don’t need anybody showing up in my county that’s only going to add tension to the situation.”

  • edorr1atcoxdotnet

    Okay, technically speaking that was Indian land they were on and the Indians did not want those protestors on their land. I think they should have got their tomahawks out and done some scalping. These Bundy Bros. etc are all where they belong, BEHIND BARS. Yes, I am a retired military veteran.

  • Becky Markley

    He may get arrested but when Trump gets into office, we’ll get them released somehow and it’s my hope that Trump goes after all these “officials” that have unlawfully arrested and committed the public execution of LaVoy. We The People will get justice.

  • Globalstomp

    A sheriff is the most powerful law enforcement entity in any county. They are above the federal law enforcement, IRS,FBI, and they have more power than any governor, senator, or congress critter. To warn people to stay away is good advice considering the FBI’s overreach of law enforcement placing false charges on folks just to arrest them or murder them. The FBI has to obtain permission to enforce the law in any county from the sheriff. This constitutional sheriff is not going to go along with the tyrannical FBI so there wouldn’t be any shootouts without those FBI being arrested by the sheriff. If the sheriff is saying stay away as a warning then people should heed that warning for their own good. He’s not violating anybody’s rights, he’s trying to save people some grief. Legally you can still go there but you have been warned so to go would be putting yourself in harms way. If your house was on fire would you tell the person that’s alerting you that he’s violating your rights? of course not you’d get your family out of there….

  • Michael Bolger

    Sheriff Rummel, You need to do your job and protect Jack Ryan from these murders. and your bark don’t mean nothing to me. Do your job.

  • Smitch

    You all better watch your backs! If you start seeing Oregon Sate Police there…hit the deck they will shot you in the back!

  • smithleeroy21

    Who the “HELL” does this sheriff think he is? He can not tell people where they can go as long as they do it lawfully. I smell another murder scene unfolding.

    • Abel

      He is THE law officer in that county trying to keep the peace.

      • gonefishin27

        Maybe or maybe not. Or do you trust everything they say. If so it sucks to be you.

  • bill

    After watching the Videos of the last Protesters Murder by the FBI (See the Video Before you Bark at me) maybe this time the Exacution Will Be Unwitnessed or “Evidence Go Missing.” For Decades The FBI Lied That Their Labs Were Certified Yet, Allowed 100s To Be ROT In Prison Due To False OR Wrong Evidence. The FBI Lied at Ruby Ridge (Survivors are now worth Millions). The FBI lied at Waco (See Texas Rangers Reports) Evidence Of FBI’s Lies Were Disallowed by A FEDERAL Judge. FBI lied at Their Last Murder Scene see VIDOS Inside (See them On Line Now) Victims Truck That PROVE He Was Unarmed. So! Now What Do You THINK THEY WILL DO IN MONTANA??


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