Snyder unveils sweeping Flint plan

by Jonathan Oosting  |  published on March 22, 2016

Lansing — Gov. Rick Snyder on Monday unveiled his most expansive plan yet for dealing with Flint’s water crisis, including an initiative welcomed by Republican lawmakers to create tougher drinking water standards above and beyond federal rules.

Snyder released a new 75-point action plan to address the contamination crisis, calling for a “much higher standard” for drinking water regulations but stopping short of advocating for complete replacement of all underground lead service lines in the city.

The plan includes short-, intermediate- and long-term goals, including making infrastructure improvements; creating a data-sharing agreement with state and federal environmental agencies; and setting up a protocol for a “drinkability declaration” for Flint water.

Snyder is particularly concerned about what he calls the “dumb and dangerous” federal Lead and Copper Rule, which sets the standard at which cities must take action to address excessive lead levels.

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