Some in a Texas county fear an Obama-led U.S. military invasion.

July 6, 2015

EllisonBASTROP, Texas — The office of the Bastrop County Republican Party is in an old lumber mill on Main Street, with peeling brown paint and a sign out front that captures the party’s feelings about the Obama administration: “WISE UP AMERICA!”

Inside, county Chairman Albert Ellison pulled out a yellow legal pad on which he had written page after page of reasons why many Texans distrust President Obama, including the fact that, “in the minds of some, he was raised by communists and mentored by terrorists.”

So it should come as no surprise, Ellison said, that as the U.S. military prepares to launch one of the largest training exercises in history later this month, many Bastrop residents might suspect a secret Obama plot to spy on them, confiscate their guns and ultimately establish martial law in one of America’s proudly free conservative states.

  • don

    i say stop them at the border–they have their own places to train

  • Sidney Hobden

    If Obama decides to initiate his “phony” martial law in Texas, our great patriotic men in uniform will finally have to make the most important decision of their lives. Join us or KILL us. ‘Cause there’s going to be a HELL-OF-A-WAR!! GOD BLESS TEXAS, and preserve the Constitution and the Rule of Law.

  • Sidney Hobden

    If O’dummer decides to exercise his phony ‘marshal law’ order in Texas, our great men in uniform will finally be faced with the most important decision of their lives. Join us or KILL us, ’cause there’s gonna be one hell-of-a-war.

  • horseridingplains

    Jade Helm- an issue??? why on earth would patriotic Americans ever think that??? bummer is just waiting for any excuse to declare martial law and himself permanent fixer upper for all that is conservative in this once great country.
    And too many of us do nothing but gritch—if I was younger and stronger I think I would try to give this BSer a taste of true reality and try harder to get people aware of the grave danger this country is in from him

  • After thinking about this story for awhile, I’m a little surprised to the response here. Sure, you guys and girls go buy all the guns and bullets you can. Make the arms suppliers happy. But I don’t hear one person here saying they’re going to take the money out of their bank accounts, or stock up on fuel and food. Maybe guns are your way of playing John Wayne, but folks, you better make sure your anti-virus software is current and you have a strong firewall. They ain’t coming over the next rise with the whites of their eyes showing. They’re coming through the wires and Wi-Fi to attack your credit cards and bank accounts. And maybe you should consider making friends with a trucker or two, someone with a CB radio. Semper Fi.

    • Sidney Hobden

      Been there, done that. Got my own CB system and solar generators as well as fuel-driven. NEXT!!??

    • don

      i guess your a little slow with that one brain cell—gold an silver has been buried—bring your ass on

  • America needs Obama’s Obituary to go to print, that will pull us out of this gloom and the Sun will Shine once again! Anytime the Death of a Tyrant happens, the world sings! May Obama’s time come soon, very, very, very soon!

  • VirgoVince

    BEFORE they confiscate your guns, be damn sure to kill as many as you have ammo for! That goes for ALL gun owners, the more the better, STAND YOUR GROUND!!

    • don

      they will not confiscate it but if they get it—it will be from cold hands an have to wade through hot brass to get it

  • quiltenlady

    Dry and loaded Thanks !

  • whoisshe?

    I don’t think this is paranoia as suggested on this site , in my opinion its real every protester is considered employed, every month something triggers a protest or riot every individual gets paid, Texas is a thorn in Obamas lifestyle, he just cant be a cowboy, but he can play games, real games.

  • Shaymamma8

    Wow, such paranoia from the lone star state!! Now you do know if Texas succeeds from the Union, all government facilities and services will be moved elsewhere, and Texas will revert to a third world state. I say go for it!!!

    • quiltenlady

      You better check where a lot of your products come from .We can be our own country we have everything right here. Plus we have a will power that the rest of the country don’t understand. When hit by Ike 2008 we didn’t wait for FEMA unlike New Orleans were pictured doing. We helped neighbors and fixed things with friends help.Texas is GOD’S COUNTRY. You can tell you’re a yankee, so sorry.What facilities do Texans need from government? NOTHING !!! No where ever you live Shaymamma8 will be the third world dump.We Texans are a tough people and always willing to help our neighbors.We’ll see you on tv holding a sign like New Orleans people waiting on help instead of you and your neighbors helping each other. Am I right Texans ?

      • cab

        I dont live in Texas but I have and I know ur right

      • Without oil you got nothing. With the price of oil so low right now, your economy is in a shambles, budget all out of whack, unemployment is rising. So think of yourselves like Russia or Iran, dependent on gas prices to maintain stability and your standard of living.
        Like I said, without all the Federal money being pumped into your economy, you’d be an absolute mess.

        • don

          an stupid that is what has us where we are—

        • quiltenlady

          You are a yankee ! You just don’t see that our economy is booming and a lot of business have moved to Texas under Perry and more under Abbott too.We have a surplus in our budget .Boy are you dead wrong on all counts here . We never felt any recession like the rest of the country has .We can and probably will become our own country we have all resources here in Texas ! What can your state do other than have it’s hand out for another state.When all states pay their federal taxes.Most states get every dollar back and then another dollar and fifty cents. When Texas get federal money we no lie either. We get thirty five cents.That is we are paying for your hand out Texans are not asking we are paying. So if we leave the union USA will go down in flames. WITHOUT Rich Texas money you yankee sucker will have to W_O_R_K !!!!! WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!! So get your facts straight and don’t make up lies. GOD BLESSED TEXAS and forgot Barney’s(akaI Seigel) state it shows !

    • Geo

      Why don’t you look up “succeeds and secedes” for a definition.

  • quiltenlady

    We are all armed and we are waiting to see the whites of their eyes and they will get all the lead they can handle.GOD BLESS TEXAS ! We don’t attract nut cases we are proud constitutional conservatives and proud to be a Texans too! So if that is what you call a nut case then this state is full of them.We may have to save your ass Cargapalitos so don’t call names to Texans !

    • If Texas secedes from the Union, I hope the Federal government puts the tightest restrictions on allowing Texans into the US. Keep those nutjob constitutional conservatives out of America and polluting the gene pool. You people can inbreed all you want, just don’t bring your crazy asses into the REAL America. Let’s see how well the 2000 “man” Texas State Militia stands up to REAL soldiers. Other than a gun, a discount on a license plate, free access to toll roads and a super-deluxe gun/fishing license, they’re all a bunch of Barney Fifes.

      • quiltenlady

        What You mean is to your liberal communist marxist state? I will be free and happy in Texas.All the while you’ll be in a FEMA camps. Go hug a tree and kiss a frog cause your prince or in your case maybe princess.(Maybe not might be the other a PRINCE) won’t save you.Real solider you bet ! You don’t know the Texas Rangers and our 3 different militia’s.Plus all us other Texans who are all armed and watching.REAL America is not where you are. It IS HERE IN TEXAS ! No Barney Fifes here must be your real name.So here he is folks Barney Fifes (AKA I Seigel) Keep your bullet in a safe with your gun if you’re allowed to have one after all Andy always told you to put it away ! You ever married Thelma Lou ?

        • Kent2012

          that queen is waiting for his number to be called for his gender reassignment surgery….

      • Sidney Hobden

        I Seigel — What a dumbass!! Not so good in MATH are we??

        • Math? Talk about a dumbass reply!

          • Sidney Hobden

            Well, guess I’ll have to help you out with this one. You make reference to our “2000 man militia” hell man, there are THAT many guns in just my part of TOWN!!!
            So, don’t be misled by some of the things you hear, or may read. Our militia is quite easily backed up a hundred to one by the watchful citizens of the state. SO, let’s get past the “dumbass jabs” and take a long, hard look at reality By the way, if your Commander-in-Chief keeps cutting back the US military, well, some of our guys can just STAY HOME.

          • don

            seigel you just can not help being stupid—we for give you

      • don

        behold one boot licking obama nut job—i bet you llay at the dog obamas feet—ya may just have a hard time getting our soldiers to kill us—you see most of them when they give the oath stand by their pledge unlike your kind

    • Ace Dragon

      been too texas. people are friendly and a lot of red necks. if they do succeed from the union, no costitution will apply. they will have to make there own. hell i’m in California and i’m 2 hours from where Jade Helm is going to take place . texas watch your 6.

  • Cargapalitos

    We have a lot of nut cases out there. Texas attracts many of them.

    • Kent2012

      then they ricochet off of conservative reality and land in crapafornia or new your “ho clintoney for pres” signs yet….

    • Larry Newman

      Funny how the libs on this post are talking about nut cases. I find it nuts to turn off water to farmers to save a smelt fish. I find it nuts for loggers to no longer feed their families because of a tree frog. I think it’s nuts to have politicians who say they have to pass a bill to see what’s in it. I find it nuts to re-elect a president who pays to hide his Marxist past and brazenly lies to the American people about every issue. I find it nuts for Cass Sunstein (An Obama czar) to believe that animals should have the right to sue their owners. I find it nuts to pound on police and white folks about blacks being killed when blacks are killing themselves at an alarming rate.I find it nuts when killing a pregnant mother brings 2 murder charges but aborting a 20 week old fetus that can live on its’ own is a womans’ right to choose. I find it nuts that liberals consider themselves to be tolerant when they are anything but. I find it nuts that liberals cry about a so called war on women by conservatives but don’t have the cohones to call out Muslims for abuse, rape, and murder of women and children. I could go on for days. Suffice to say that if conservatives who choose to live by a moral code such as the ten commandments are considered nut jobs and liberals who detest morality and pick and choose the laws they feel like following, then our country is in real trouble and the 100 million or so gun owners will need to form up and fill those FEMA camps with every flake and weirdo that has come out of the woodwork since Obama became President.

      • FINALLY! Someone here with a decent, intelligent, well-thought-out response! No juvenile name-calling, no personal attacks. Well done and Thank You!

        I disagree with a lot of what you said, but I respect you for your intelligence, your tone, and your willingness to engage.

        • don

          i think you lie–you respect nothing but your self—a waste

          • Who the f*ck cares what you think?

      • don

        i find it nuts to even — think the way the way they do

  • Philip Allen

    Tine for Texas to succeed from the United States. Why do we stay in the union anyway…higher taxes, rising Obamacare cost, a Federal Government that want to dominate the people, A DOJ that’s racist, an economy that’s failing, a foreign policy that threatens us all, an immigration policy that let’s criminals and terrorist into the United States, A President that lets murders, rapist, child molesters, robbers terrorist, criminals out of our jails and prisons. Is this the reason we remain part of the United States? Not a very good reason for me. Time to tell the Federal Government and President Obama to stick it! Time to Succeed from the United States is Now!!!!

    • Not only should they succeed, but the Bone Star State should secede.

      And as I’ve mentioned in some other posts on this topic, the giant sucking sound you’ll hear from all the federal dollars being pulled from Texas will sound like a hurricane hitting Galveston. NASA, military bases (there are a LOT of them), highway and airports money, border patrol, flood and fire emergency assistance. Will Texas be able to handle all that, plus negotiate trade deals with the US and set up their own passport and border control operations? I pray we get to find out. I’m sick to death of Texas and their claim to be part of the “Wild West”. They’re in the f**king Central Time Zone, for crying out loud!!!

      • Kent2012

        the giant sucking sound you will hear queenie will be the fuel pump in you nissan running out of fuel…your boy is trying to wreck the economy with the EPA and other schit and there your are with both brain cells engorged with stupid waving the idiot flag…good thing your probably hold up on the east coast somewhere…

        • I’m guessing you dropped out of school in the 7th or 8th grade. Am I close?

        • don


        • don

          i heard no one say he had 2 brain cells

          • Kent2012

            he does, but one of them is on loan from that hipster, al sharpless, and al wants it back….he got a coupon for a wash and wax and thought that he could run it through the car wash….

      • don

        texas could make you wish an think other wise—think about it–if your able

    • Ace Dragon


      • cab

        Obama spit in our founding fasthetrs face a 1000 times so Obama is far worsefrom, better off w/o OBAMANATION! He doesn’t represent our founding fathers AT ALL, NOTTA, NILCH!! all BO wants to do is strip us of our rights so if that’s what u want get out out of OUR freedom loving constitutional country. There’s plenty of freedomless countries u can choose from and dont come back. Don’t blame Texas. Not a bad place to live

      • don

        your asking good people to do things against the very oath they took–an unlike you they take it to heart

  • gene1357

    Gee; An Obama inaugurated domestic military exercise? How could anyone be suspicious of that?

    Keep your powder dry, Texas!


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