Ted Cruz calls for criminal probe into ‘voter fraud operative’ visits to White House

by Valerie Richardson - The Washington Times  |  published on October 20, 2016

Democratic ConventionSen. Ted Cruz called for a “serious criminal investigation” into multiple visits to the White House by Democratic consultant Robert Creamer after undercover videos showed he was involved in hiring protesters to disrupt Donald Trump events.

“Voter fraud operative: 45 meetings w/ Obama—this merits a serious criminal investigation (not a James Comey ‘friends and family’ cover-up),” the Texas Republican tweeted Wednesday, referring to Mr. Comey, FBI director.

Mr. Cruz’s comment came after the Daily Caller reported that White that Mr. Creamer has paid 342 visits to the White House, including 47 with Mr. Obama, since 2009.

The founder of Democracy Partners, Mr. Creamer announced Tuesday that he would step away from his work on the Democratic presidential campaign after undercover videos released by Project Veritas Action showed him discussing voter fraud and hired agitators at Republican campaign rallies.

Mr. Creamer, the husband of Rep. Jan Schakowsky, Illinois Democrat, was sentenced to five months in prison after pleading guilty to tax and banking violations in 2005.

  • The Redhawk

    heck BHOZO the PANSY POTUS spent more time with this Felon and Sharpton that he did with Senators , House members and Security Experts… What can be expected from this POS lying Machine??/

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