Trump ‘owns’ near-half of Florida

by Rebecca Savransky  |  published on January 21, 2016

Donald Trump is leading in Florida with 48 percent of the GOP vote, according to a poll released Wednesday.

Sen. Ted Cruz (Texas) follows in second with 16 percent, with Sen. Marco Rubio (Fla.) at 11 percent support and former Gov. Jeb Bush (Fla.) at 9.5 percent, the survey from Florida Atlantic University Business and Economics Polling Initiative found.

Since November, Trump has surged about 12 points in Florida, according to the poll. Cruz has gained 6 points.

  • jerry young

    that’s great at least we shouldn’t have to go back for another recount in Florida! remember the chad? Trump 2016!

  • SDofAZ

    Even Rubio’s state is not voting for him. Does that tell the rest of the legal constituents that this candidate who is the amnesty gang of eight poster boy is not a good pick for the prez? Go Trump. Rip the GOP chosen candidates up. Run over their sneaky lying a$$es.

  • VirgoVince

    Way to GO,Donald, just keep TRUMPing!!

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