Two protestors disrupt pro-gun Cruz rally

by Ben Kamisar | The Hill  |  published on January 13, 2016

Two protestors briefly took over the stage at Ted Cruz’s Second Amendment rally in New Hampshire, interrupting the presidential hopeful before he lambasted liberals for gun control policies that he claims have cost American lives.

Each man, at different times, briefly walked onto the stage and addressed the crowd, with one asking “what made everyone so weird and sad that they had to come out” to the gun rights rally.

Each was escorted offstage.

  • Luke

    The anti-gun crowd should only visit gun free zones especially at their trailers where “gun free zone” signs should be put up..

    • Gnowark

      Some live, not in trailers, but in our White House.

  • ADRoberts

    What happens to anyone who would try to protest Sanders or Hitlery? They are much tighter in controlling who gets in to any event.
    Yes. It is about CONTROL.

  • Faithful American

    I could NOT get this VIDEO to work, so I have NO IDEA what Cruz SAID to these men in RESPONSE! Another SET UP job ARRANGED by the Hillary Clinton CROWD!

  • VirgoVince

    Where was Security?? Was anyone in the crowd armed??
    No one ever suggested that libturds are smart!

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