TX Raids Planned Parenthood Facilities

Texas sent agents to Planned Parenthood facilities on Thursday seeking documents, the group said, calling it a “politically motivated” move that comes on the heels of the state’s Republican leaders barring it from receiving Medicaid money.

Members of the Texas Office of the Inspector General made unannounced visits at Planned Parenthood health centers in Houston, Dallas and San Antonio, staying in some cases for several hours and giving Planned Parenthood 24 hours to deliver thousands of pages of documents stored at its facilities across the state, the organization said.

The Inspector General Office declined to comment, as did health officials. Inspector General agents were seen on local news reports entering a Planned Parenthood facility in San Antonio.

  • Judge Ely

    Go Texas!

  • Joy Beum

    Seems like everything good and worthwhile happens in Texas these days. Good job!


    For the left-spun wingnuts everything IS politically motivated, regardless, so…what’s the big deal or surprise here, as I’m failing to understand?

  • TexRancher

    Want tax payer money, expect to be held accountable!

  • grama18

    DEFUND it !! P. P. is nothing but a murder factory.

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