U.S. Refugee Chief Didn’t Know Boston Bombers Were Refugees

by Blake Neff | The Daily Caller  |  published on October 3, 2015

At a Thursday Congressional hearing regarding the Obama administration’s plan to welcome tens of thousands of additional refugees into the United States, the administration’s top refugees official revealed that she had no idea whether the Tsarnaev brothers who carried out the Boston bombing arrived in the U.S. as refugees.

Barbara Strack, who serves as the chief of the Refugee Affairs Division at the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service of the Department of Homeland Security, was grilled by the subcommittee’s chairman, Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama. Sessions asked Strack whether it was accurate that the two Boston bombers, Dzhokhar and Tamerian Tsarnaev, had entered the U.S. as refugees from Chechnya.

“I would need to check with my colleagues, sir,” Strack replied.

  • KDC

    Nice photograph of that refugee. (Sarc) Isn’t it wonderful how we give them all these free entitlements in the best country in the world? Then they turn around and bomb innocent people. Back at ya, kid!

  • Terry Rushing

    ” I would need to check…..?” Sounds like, “Damn, caught again! Let me think about what fairy tale spins the best.before I answer.” I cannot help but note that”Homeland Security” once again appears in this mess with zero results. So far the only thing that “Homeland Security” seems to be doing is acting as a welcome wagon and transportation service for illegals. Perhaps the time is right to dissolve the taxpayer funded sink hole of “Homeland Security” and redirect that money to border security and a beefed up INS.

  • The Redhawk

    What a SURPRISE!! It Just goes to PROVE that the MORIN CIC Hires worse IDIOTS than HImself to make sure that he is NOT THE NUBER ONE IDIOT!!!
    if they do not read it in their Comic books the dun’t know NUTTINGGG!

  • teaman

    When you have a Nation that is driven by stupidity, what do you expect??

    • The Redhawk


  • Skyhawk

    And she knows even less about the currently proposed jihadists. One cannot imagine the stupidity of the members of this administration

    • The Redhawk

      Oh according to the PU$$Y POtus it is all the GOP’s fault fir HIM hiring MORONS!

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