Utah homeowner association fines residents for flying American flags

October 4, 2015

Residents of a small community in Murray, Utah, are outraged after their homeowners association began fining them for flying American flags outside their homes.

Homeowners living in Chestnut Place said they were free to fly their flags without restrictions, but that recently changed after the HOA president determined that flags are holiday decorations, a local Fox News affiliate reported.

  • Debbie

    Keep pushing the true American People That worked to build this country, We will only take so much, We have lost a lot of blood for that flag and we will not stand for someone trying to tell us we can not fly it, or that we can not follow our Christian upbringing.

  • Sounds like this HOA president needs to get a royal butt kicking! Piss on him and the fine! Someone needs to meet this pathetic cockroach in a dark alley and do a job on the American Flag hater! If our Flag offends anyone, just like our Lord Jesus, then those sewer maggots should not be within American Borders and most welcome to leave! They try to keep taking away our Way of Life and they are going to end up in their graves! Time to Lock & Load on the Progressive Twats!

  • firstdingbat

    This Homeowners association is disgusting, what ever happened to having pride in your flag and country? America for the free and the brave is gone. How sad! These are Americans?

  • Unique

    In the last seven years this Government has become
    so SICK, just like its President.

  • Dave In Arizona

    This is happening in UTAH!? It’s unreal that, in America, the American flag has been “determined that flags are holiday decorations” by the HOA’s president. This HOA presidents needs to be publicly flogged; he (or she) must be a liberal / progressive Democrat (and an Obama supporter)..

  • used_to_be_a_liberal

    Ok, so the clown does not like the American Flag, it would seem by his actions that there is a good possibility that he is a “liberal” democrat. So then, why not give him something reminiscent of his political leanings. Plant a few burning crosses on his front lawn, after all the K K K was a product of the democrat party in it’s origins.

  • Patriot1955

    I bet the HOA president is a communist.

    • PC Bob

      By their very nature, HOA’s ARE communism! They take away your rights to do as you please with YOUR property! Solution? NEVER join one!

  • TexRancher

    This clown is out of his mind. First, he can’t just change the restrictions on his own. It must be done through a vote of the OWNERS of the community. I experienced a problem with an HOA in Harris County, TX. where the HOA misrepresented to wording of the deed restrictions.. There, the deed restrictions had a life span of 20 years unless the majority of OWNERS voted otherwise and as presented were unenforceable if they were not filed the same word for word in the Harris country court house. They were not!

    These are the little minds that never had any power in their lives so they tried to take it out on property owners they looked at as subservient to them! That’s usually how it turns out to be the case in these little fifedoms!

  • VirgoVince

    THIS should NEVER be allowed to happen anywhere in AMERICA!
    Remember to VOTE for a REAL American president, next election, NOT an ugly alien 3rd world pos!!


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