Warner Bros. to prohibit ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ merch with Confederate flag

June 25, 2015

dukes_of_hazzardThe Confederate flag will disappear from merchandise of the popular 1980s television series “The Dukes of Hazzard.”

Warner Bros. announced Tuesday it will no longer sanction the production of any “Dukes of Hazzard” products displaying the controversial emblem.

“Warner Bros. Consumer Products has one licensee producing die-cast replicas and vehicle model kits featuring the General Lee with the Confederate flag on its roof – as it was seen in the TV series,” a spokesman for the company told Vulture on Tuesday evening.

  • Elizabeth Sprowes

    Warner Brothers needs to get some balls and leave things the way they were made and not change to suet stupid as*es that think that every thing needs to be changed.

  • iprazhm

    This is part of a concerted effort to destroy the United States and all she stands for by misrepresenting our history and culture, then finally removing all traces of it as if it never existed. We are witnessing the systematic rebirth of America into a socialist new world order. Without even one shot being fired. We no longer deserve the great Christian nation that once was.

  • Luke

    There’s nothing controversial about the Confederate Flag, that’s the lies of the haters who hate everything the South is, including white people..

    • I don’t hate EVERYTHING in the South.

      I like oyster po’boys. I like Zaxby’s. I’ve had girlfriends from Charleston and Hattiesburg. What I don’t like is that it seems all people from the South still are hating Northerners and “the Union”. And of course they hate the current occupant of the WH.

      And they seem to think that being able to have a beer with a candidate is more important than the candidate’s competency (thanks Karl Rove). And they put more value in the “good ol boy” candidate rather than value someone’s education and experience. Like, it’s much more important that a candidate rides a Harley or knows how to gut a fish or a moose than it is for the candidate to have intelligent ideas about what’s wrong and how to fix stuff.

      And it seems more people from the South are highly suspicious of government yet take more handouts than any other people in the country, both as individuals and as states.

      And of course Southerners are, by and large, fatter and more unhealthy than just about anywhere else in the country.

      And please tell me why Texas is going all Confederate again, when they also THINK they’re part of the West? That’s a true mystery to me. I don’t see how a state in the Central Time Zone can be considered a western state. Anyone (except John Wayne) got an answer for that?

      • Luke

        For the most part you’re wrong about people of the South. The handouts go to people who believe as you do and not to the good people of the South who want to be free of the nut in the WH who thinks he is a king and you people bow down to.
        None of my family are fat and unhealthy as you like to paint everyone.I’m sure there are plenty of fat yankees who live off the tax payer, it’s just in the South we have more of those people. We would be glad to send them up north where you snooty people live..

        • Luke, MOST of what I said was PARTLY in jest.

          However, something you said I have to ask about. You said that the good people of the South just “want to be free of the nut in the WH…”. Then are you saying that your love of small government, suspicion of big government, your fight against taxes, etc etc , started in 2008 and will end in 2016? Because I seem to remember a lot of gridlock being caused by the likes of Trent Lott and his predecessor, Dick Armey and Tom DeLay, etc, who preceded “the nut in the WH”. And I seem to recall a lot of negativity spewing forth from the likes of Beck, Rush and O’Reilly back in the good old days before we had a “nut in the WH”.

          Will all this animosity and suspicion end WHOEVER is the next president. Maybe you and I could go out and have a beer together in 2017 and laugh about our Obamacare fights and our gay marriage disagreements, or our difference of opinions about jobs, infrastructure, Planned Parenthood, Iran and right-wing extremism?

          • Luke

            our gay marriage disagreements, or our difference of opinions about
            jobs, infrastructure, Planned Parenthood, Iran and right-wing extremism?

            How has any of these improved since the nut in the WH was elected..?

            gay marriage is abnormal and an abomination against God and nature,

            Jobs in America are just burger flipping jobs now.
            Taxes are collected for the infrastructure but the money is used for liberal losing propositions like failed alternative energy investments of billions

            The abortion death camps are just that, a killing field of innocents..
            And right-wing extremism is the only people who want this country to be like the Founding Fathers envisioned it to be.
            Now the unsupreme court has ruled that butt humpers can legally marry and the states and their people have no say so, how unAmerican and evil..

          • See? We’ll have SO much to talk about once Obama is out of office and everything is back to normal! See you in 2017!!!

  • Rhonda Hunt

    What will they do next,remove everything confederate as if it didn’t happen,like it or not the flag is part of our history,will we deny that as well,the confederate flag represents the south not racism,trying to change history is stupid,you learn from history and grow because of it,things have changed greatly over the years for the better,we should not get stupid and go off of the deep end and over react,because people are afraid it will cost them a dollar.—–Jim Hunt


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