Wisconsin Republicans defend transgender restrictions bill

by Scott Bauer  |  published on November 21, 2015

Republicans pushed Thursday for Wisconsin to become the first state in the nation to prohibit transgender public school students from using a bathroom or locker room assigned to the gender with which they identify.

Opponents, including students who stood and sat on the floor in a packed hearing room, argued the proposal is a violation of federal Civil Rights law. The soonest that the state’s GOP-controlled Legislature could act on the bill is January, and it’s unclear whether the measure has enough support to pass.

The issue has roiled communities in Wisconsin, including in the district of the bill’s lead sponsor, and across the country as more children identify as transgender at younger ages. Several school districts in Wisconsin have their own policies, but Rep. Jesse Kremer said a statewide policy is needed to protect them from lawsuits and create a unified standard.

  • Faithful American

    GOOD for the REPUBLICANS in the State of WISCONSIN! It’s PAST TIME for the REST of you STATES to get on the BANDWAGON!

  • setemfree

    Seems to me that having a boys and girls bathrooms and locker rooms has worked for hundreds of years, Why would anyone want to change what works. Why because we have an it. don’t identify then go get a sex change, until then if you are male use the men’s room, if you are female use the women’s room. that is like the Constitution as worked for a couple of hundred years and now all these politicians want to change it. well I say pound salt. Guard our Bible, guns, and Constitution.

  • elda

    Just because narcissism and the resulting mental illness is growing in this country is no reason to force the rest of us to comply with the behavior. Transgenderism is a mental issue. Their bodies are healthy and normal, it is their minds that are the issue. This is like someone screwing the house onto the light bulb. I just read where two homosexual men are teaching their adopted daughter to believe she is male. This is criminal child abuse but it is the way homosexuals produce more homosexuals. They mess with children’s minds and bodies. They can’t reproduce otherwise.

  • Debbie

    I don’t care what they do until it affects my life or my children’s life. Going to keep on someone is going to get hurt. It’s only a matter of time something is going to happen in a bathroom that may be harmless,but a Daddy isn’t going to see it that way. It only takes once. So they better think really hard before it’s pushed to far.

  • Thomas Goss

    Take these so called transgender “IT’S” out and make sure “IT” is what “IT” says “IT” is. If this “THING” is a male then “IT” goes to the male bathrooms and locker rooms, if “IT” is a female then “IT” goes to the female bathroom and locker room, There is no sex change just because “IT” says “IT” wants to be one or the other sex. PERIOD.

  • graylens

    Transgender people are entitled to respect and protection as are all people. Transgender people are a very small minority accommodation can be made. However, people without a transgender problem are also entitled to respect and privacy. Rest rooms should be gender specific. A person is entitled to his/her own privacy

    • edorr1atcoxdotnet

      Okay, so transgenders are a minority but they seem to think they can rule schools, etc and force this same sex bathroom. If they want to go with opposite sex bathroom let them use an outhouse out in back of the school or wherever.

      • elda

        Thankfully all mental illness is a minority. The problem is when the majority of people forget it is a mental illness issue, not a bathroom issue.

    • no more mr. nice guy

      There is no such thing as a trans-gender person any more than there are trans-species persons. It is impossible to discriminate against something that doesn’t exist. Insanity exists. Insanity must be met with fearless discrimination to promote and protect the “general welfare” vs. the inverted and perverted anti-sexual disorientated special interest welfare. The freaks claiming to be transsexuals etc, represent a worthless and wicked 0.7% of the general population. When 0.7% have the power to enslave the 99.3%, we have a dead civilization, culture and country. We are treating an ever expanding malignant melanoma as if it was a minor skin rash or a temporary cast of passing teenage acne. It’s time to hunt these crazy people down and keep them out of harms way while keeping then from harming everyone else via the pollution of pampering premeditated and orchestrated perversion.

      “OH! What tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.”

    • elda

      The problem is that it is not just a mind using that bathroom. It is a physical body that may or may not act according to the hormones being produced by that body. Who is to say so we might as well just decide by the body. Men use men’s bathrooms and women use women’s bathrooms. Then we don’t have a problem. This is a mental health issue that should not be forced on healthy people.

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