‘ADDRESS THAT’ — Chris Wallace GRILLS Hillary On Clinton Foundation Corruption [VIDEO]

by Christian Datoc | The Daily Caller  |  published on October 20, 2016

DebateDuring Wednesday night’s presidential debate, Chris Wallace held Hillary Clinton’s feet to the fire over allegations that the Clinton Foundation engaged in “pay-for-play” behavior when she served as secretary of state.

“There have been a lot of developments over the last ten days since the last debate,” Wallace posed. “I’d like to ask you about them. These are questions that the American people have, Secretary Clinton, during your 2009 Senate confirmation hearing, you promised to avoid even the appearance of a conflict of interest with your dealing with the Clinton Foundation while you were Secretary of State.”

  • The Redhawk

    yEAH Chris asked the SOW to discuss the Clinton foundation and she Responded with another SCRIPTED answer with no Connection to the Question and GOT AWAY WITH IT!!! She slithered away like a snake again along with ^ billion lost , Uranium sale to Russia, Haiti contracts to “FRIENDS ” and ASSOCIATED of Clinton…..TPP…

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