After big Nevada win, Trump gets first lawmaker endorsements

February 24, 2016

GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump has secured his first two endorsement from members of Congress following his big win in Nevada’s caucuses.

Reps. Chris Collins (R-N.Y.) and Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.) on Wednesday both endorsed Trump, who increasingly looks like he will be the party’s presidential nominee this November.

Trump has struggled to win support from office holders, who have been reluctant to embrace the man who has shaken up the GOP presidential race like no one before him.

Not a single member of Congress had endorsed Trump before his win in Nevada, and this week has seen a flurry of endorsements for Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), who has yet to beat Trump anywhere.

Collins complimented Trump’s policies on national security and trade in announcing his endorsement.

  • kathy diamond

    Della, You are CORRECT. I always heard how dirty politics were, never realized how dirty until now.

  • Steve Gifford

    If Rubio was smarter he would tell these establishment congressman to not endorse him, it is clear the people are angry at the 20 to 40 year senators and congressmen, they are the ones that talk strong but then let’s the dems do whatever they want. We want America like it was when “we the people”meant something. Rubio is the one the establishment want the most in office. We the people are tired of politicians lining there pockets and not improving America at all.

    • kathy diamond

      Steve, Why does the establishment want Rubio?? Probably because he would be easy to control

  • kathy diamond

    Now, that weasel, Romney went on FOX & said Congress wants to see Trumps tax returns for the past couple of years. They want to make sure he is as rich as he says, they want to see if he did donate to the Vets, other donations. Now, I’m not sure, but did they do this to Obama?? Did they at least check his birth certificate?? Did they check his past tax returns?? I doubt it. Some big kind of Bullsh#t going on. This is getting bad

    • ChiefD

      You have to remember, Obama was, or is, the chosen one by the MSM and all the liberals. After all, we had Pelosi as the Speaker of the House and Reid as the Senate leader. Two big hypocrites and liberal idiots.

  • Webb


    • SABER


  • Athanasios1

    Isn’t it time for “Anchor Baby Rubio” to zip up his booties and go home?

    • Marc Goldstone

      Anchor Baby Rubio is correct. Neither Cruz, Rubio or Obama are eligible as their Fathers were not US Citizens at the time of their birth. And in Cruz’s case he was born in Canada but with Cuban citizenship as only the Father can establish citizenship of the child, just like the child getting the last name of he Father. All follows from British common law.

      • Briylaln

        Still with the birther crap. You people are Fing nuts.

        • danstewart

          Why don’t you just write in Putin? You seem not to care about the Constitution.

          • Raylan Givens

            Where exactly in the United States Constitution does it state that both parents have to be United States citizens for a person to be a natural born American citizen and eligible to run for president of the United States of America?

          • danstewart

            It doesn’t exactly spell out what a nbc is, however it does specify “nbc” to be president or vice president, every other office just specifies US citizen. If all it takes is a regular citizen, then why specify “nbc”? Think about it.

          • David Kledzik

            It doesn’t.

      • David Kledzik

        The mother can also establish citizenship of the child.

  • Ken says

    The Rubio endorsements are just establishment politicians (RINOs) doing what they are told to do – just more of the last 27 years. Trump 2016

  • Citizentobe

    Unfortunately, the winning formula will be Trump/Rubio

    • Ken says

      Trump – YES Rubio – NO Who would want that spineless little twit RINO as Trumps Runningmate – well naturally the RINOs that run the GOP would like to have ears in the Oval Office – sort of like 1980 when Reagan got stuck with the RINO Bush. When the establishment RINOs running the GOP have to make choices – watch them fight for the 2020 or 2024 elections and having an incumbent RINO to run.

      Besides Rubio is not eligible because of “natural citizen” –
      Rubio is an anchor baby and neither of his parents were US Citizens. Legally he has a bigger problem the Cruz being a Canadian Citizen with Canadian parents.

      • Citizentobe

        It seems that Trump is more intelligent and shrewd than us. Time will tell. Besides, don’t believe what the medias says about “natural citizenship”.

        • Ken says

          You’re smart to ignore what the media says because they are only talking heads for the establishment – that own them and the Professional Politicians. You want to know – read the Constitution and the laws pertaining to citizenship qualifications for US President. You should be able to google all the information.

          • Citizentobe

            Go to Hillsdale College to study the Constitution online for free. I did already, and your interpretations don’t converge regarding this matter.

          • Ken says

            I hate to question you college education but you have missed some issues for Cruz and Rubio

            Rubio is easy – he is an anchor baby – mother and father were not US Citizens

            Cruz has several scenarios – he was born in Canada – he was born a Canadian citizen
            Ted’s parents were Canadian Citizens – Canada did not allow dual citizenship – voting records verify his parents were Canadian Citizens and voted in elections. His mother was a US citizen but had to renounce US citizenship to become a Canadian citizen. His father was not a US citizen. There is no record of documents necessary to claim US citizenship for Ted having been filed at an embassy in Canada or the State Department. That would have been necessary if his mother claimed US citizenship. Ted was still a Canadian Citizen a year and a half ago. Last month he indicated he was clearing up the Canadian Citizenship problem. It is still up in the air if he is still a Canadian citizen.

            Both these cases need to be clarified by the SCOTUS before the Convention in July – it would be stupid to let the Democrats take it to court in October and prevail. Then again the GOP establishment RINO may be holding that scenario to dump a nominee they don’t want.

      • SABER

        The 12th Amendment bars Rubio from being VP. Article II bars Rubio from being President.

    • kbfallon

      Trump yes–no Rubio.

    • David Hummel

      I’m Betting Trump/Cruz 2016

      • Citizentobe

        Trump is smart and if he is nominated he will need someone more conciliatory than Cruz. Besides, even in politics there can be too much bad blood, and I think there is that between Trump and Cruz. Believe me, for someone with Latino blood being called a “pussy” is a capital insult.


    INSTEAD of jumping ship, the wiser rats are making friends with their …NEW CAPTAIN!!!! (Smart ~ very smart!!!)

  • leewacker

    They had best endorse him–the PEOPLE are speaking loud and clear about their choice!

    • RufusVonDufus

      The establishment R’s don’t give a good damn about what the people want, it is all about them!


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