Hillary Clinton to be Interviewed by FBI Director Comey in Mere Days

March 31, 2016

Al Jazeera America may be shutting off the lights permanently soon, but that doesn’t mean reporters like David Shuster aren’t continuing to go about their business until the final gun sounds.

Wednesday night, Shuster just reported on the 7:00 PM EST AJAM nightly newscast that the FBI has completed its examination of Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton‘s private email server after an investigation lasting nearly one year. The former Fox News and MSNBC reporter states investigators are nearing a verdict whether to seek criminal charges against the Former Secretary of State, Senator and First Lady.

Mrs. Clinton admitted to ABC’s David Muir last year that she made a mistake in using a private email system, but continues to insist she did nothing illegal in any capacity.

Shuster finishes his report this way (emphasis mine): “Because there is now every sign the Clinton email investigation is quickly headed towards a conclusion, whether it’s her exoneration or indictment. In terms of timing, sources expect the conclusion to come in weeks, not months. And they add that Hillary Clinton’s interview with the FBI, which could come in days, could be crucial.”

  • joe katona

    Oh well ..too bad whoever goes with her

  • metheoldsarge

    This is no more than a big show. Comey’s FBI is the same agency that made a complete botch of the situations at the Bundy ranch and Oregon. My guess is still that they will find some poor person to be the scapegoat and Hillary will come out smelling like a rose. The politicians on both sides of the aisle can’t afford to let her go down. She knows where all the closets are that have all the skeletons. If she goes down she will take a boat load of people with her and they don’t want that to happen. She is going to move back in the White House in January.

  • I Seigel

    Thank god!! Anything that will distract us from the crash & burn of the Republican primaries and the dissolution of the Republican party!!

    • Carroll G.

      First let me make this abundantly clear..I am a republican and detest hillary clinton.

      Don’t let the liberal media and manipulated polls choose our President. Ask yourself why would CNN (who has always supported the democrats) all of a sudden be promoting donald trump ..nearly 20 hours each day. Also, Fox is doing the same. Between them they have given trump nearly 2 billion in free air time…there has to be something in it for them..it isn’t just 2016 political coverage as I have never seen this much out and out adoration and support for any 1 candidate in my lifetime..not even for obama when he was making history by being the first black ( who is actually a mulatto ) President. I have noticed how Fox used to be more balanced, as they claim to be, but have been as pro trump and liberal biased in the past 1 1/2 years. The very wealthy are the ones who own the media and they want trump to be the GOP nominee because they know he can never out debate hillary nor does he want to. Why? Because he intends to lose to hillary in the fall. trump never wanted to be president or he would not have said and done the many asinine things he has..now he is trying even harder to lose some support and so many refuse to hear what he is saying about abortion, etc. and have clung to him refusing to admit they have made a mistake and have been taken in. The Democrat party knew after obama’s failed presidency and hillary’s email and the Clinton Foundation donations for favors problems that most likely a Republican would win this time and they have devised a great plan to see to it that hillary wins the Oval Office..Don’t let their plan work. trump has not said anything really negative about the democrats or hillary or obama..WHY? (I wrote this before Super Tuesday so some things have changed since then but trump still has spent more time trashing the GOP and his opponents on the republican side rather than obama and hillary. trump has no problem trying to suppress our vote for anyone other than himself by asking others to get out ..even before their own state had a chance to vote for them..THAT IS ATTEMPTING TO SUPRESS VOTER’S RIGHTS!..donald trump is desperately trying to make you think he is a republican but his record shows he is a democrat and always has supported them as in: reid, pelosi, schumer and hillary…as well as her 2008 run for president. They are good friends and trump brags that bill clinton is his favorite president. He spoke with bill clinton just before one of the early debates, as well.

      ..I frequent a stock market site, which I am not supporting BTW as they are more political than stock market related..Early last fall a few hillary clinton democrat supporters stated on an opinion piece on m/watch ( abbreviated to not get the link ) in the comment section below the article. They said they were going to re-register as republicans just so they could vote for trump in their state’s primary so he would win because they knew the DNC has said repeatedly trump could not beat hillary in a debate and never intended to..the democrat’s slick plan to get trump nominated to run against hillary in Nov. THE CATCH IS THIS…. THEY INTEND TO VOTE FOR HILLARY IN THE NOVEMBER GENERAL ELECTION. The whole idea of voting to see to it trump gets the GOP nod is the answer to hillary’s prayers..she gets her good friend to be her opponent. It doesn’t get any better than this!

      My theory is this and has been since the first time I posted it in June, 2015:

      IF TRUMP REALLY WAS INTENDING TO SHAKE UP THE WASHINGTON INSIDERS AND (what he and the media have now decided to call “The Establishment”..Catchy little buzzword..so typical of politicians) DEFEAT BOTH PARTIES HE WOULD HAVE RUN AS AN INDEPENDENT NOT AS A REPUBLICAN..THAT IS HOW HE INTENDS TO DECIEVE AND BLACKMAIL AND DESTROY THE REPUBLICANS (GOP). This is known as a Fifth Column strategy. …Infiltrate and destroy from within. Use your search engine to fully understand.

      Think it over, use your common sense..no one joins an organization to destroy it unless there is an agenda and a competitor who needs it done!

      Trump needed to run as a Republican to be in the debates to disrupt the candidates from laying out their plans to deal with America’s serious issues.

      In June, 2015 …I first Posted on one of the articles (and I saved a copy of that post ) that Trump had infiltrated our party to divide and destroy it and believed he was doing it to aid his friend, hillary.
      The GOP didn’t realize until too late what trump was up to…they should have asked him to leave the GOP immediately and run as an independent because after he signed the pledge was when he started his attack of the other republican candidates. .if trump had to run as an independent his plan would have backfired.
      A few weeks ago the Boston Globe and/or Boston Herald printed the below:

      Amid Trump Surge, 20,000 Massachusetts Democrats Left Party, Became Independents or Republicans:
      Nearly 20,000 Bay State Democrats have fled the party this winter, with thousands doing so to join the Republican ranks, according to the state’s top elections official.
      Secretary of State William Galvin said more than 16,300 Democrats have shed their party affiliation and become independent voters since Jan. 1, while nearly 3,500 more shifted to the Mass. GOP ahead of tomorrow’s “Super Tuesday” presidential primary.

      So what those people claimed they would do last year they did. Since then many more states have seen the same pattern.

      I have seen many more people post on various sites that they believe now trump is in over his head and doesn’t want to be president. Of course not..he is 70 years old..has more than enough money and prestige and too set in his ways. trump would never assimilate as he has been allowed to do whatever he pleases whenever he pleases. He can’t drag 20 experts around the world to do his talking and be his brain..because name calling another world leader won’t fly..that much I can promise you. If you were trump…would you give up what is necessary to become president? We are talking spending nearly 24 hrs each day devoted to this and hundreds of other country’s problems. This is not an ideal time to inherit the Oval Office. Why would someone leave a gilded life of luxury and risk everything to try to clean up this mess? trump is trying to show us daily that he is not disciplined enough..nor does he have the temperament and knowledge of world affairs necessary to tackle this job. If he had been serious he would have memorized the plans (written for him..by experts, IMO) on his website so he could appear knowledgeable in debates..instead of using name calling and bullying to keep the focus off his lack of ability to answer how he will accomplish all he is telling us about what we already know..especially after it got down to a basic 1 on 1 now where he needs to debate Cruz..which he refuses to do..how the hell can he refuse to debate hillary?! Every candidate..except Sanders it seems..is saying all the same things..secure the border..deal with the illegals in the U.S., hire more border security..help bring manufacturing back to America..etc., etc. Just because trump appears to be more belligerent about it seems to be the bait too many have taken. We are all angry with obama because he and hillary caused this mess but voting for another inexperienced narcissist who is promising to be the answer to the world’s massive problems is not the answer..it is just compounding the mistake that obama was and is.

      • I Seigel

        The mainstream media – FOX included – along with the other media are giving Trump more coverage because he brings in the viewers and the listeners. It’s all about ratings and money. It’s been obvious since the first debate back in August. You’re looking way too far for conspiracies.

        More people are working, wages are going up, and people have a much more optimistic view about the economy than they did even a year ago. You don’t hear any of the candidates talking this year about interest rates, the nation’s credit rating, or going bankrupt. Trump talks a lot about the trade deficit and currency manipulation and slapping tariffs on China, but he’s an idiot and doesn’t understand the situation and what the US president can do about any of it. We still have an auto industry – no thanks to Romney and the Republicans who would rather have let it die. We don’t have thousands dying in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Iranians don’t have a nuclear bomb (yet). ISIS is a problem for the entire world – starting in Saudi Arabia and Iran. The US can’t “carpet bomb” the problem away, no matter what idiot Cruz says. The effects of climate change – whether they’re man-made or natural – are getting worse and worse, but you don’t hear Republican candidates talking about that either. Apparently there’s more and more internal debate in Cuba now about the direction of the country, more debate than we’ve heard about in decades. That’s a healthy sign of potential change. No comments from the candidates, though. The Republican candidates are mainly talking about the border, Planned Parenthood, and how sexy their wives are. How do those topics affect MY life and those of my family?

        Outsourcing of jobs – and offshoring of jobs and entire corporations – isn’t an Obama problem. It started WAY long before he took office. Why won’t Congress do anything about it? Where are the fixes to the tax code that would prevent corporations from profiting by moving offshore? Congress could fix this, but Republicans – majorities in BOTH houses now – won’t, because they’re bought and paid for by the US Chamber of Congress and Big Business.

  • TAM44

    Habitual liar who is taking us to be fools like the obama voters

    Irresponsible for her corrupt actions that cost four men their lives

    Lacking a heart proved it by say what difference does it make.

    Loves herself and screws others any time she can and that’s 100% fact

    Arrogant and a angry old wrinkled evil vile self-centered Bi–H

    Responsible for the deaths of those four men in Benghazi

    Yes she protected her sexual perverted husban bill and blamed the women

    Repulsive to watch on TV and is quite sickening to hear her cackle

    Our corrupt government is covering up for this lying witch

    Demoncrat from hell and make obama almost seem JV

    Has a blood trail that goes on and on

    Alinsky lover

    Missleads and if caught she denys she said it

    Cancer to our society a real threat to our security

    Lunatic that has not one bit of respect for our laws

    Irrational as one can be

    Narcissist B—H from hell

    Troubling, she makes up stuff as she goes only idiots believes her

    Obnoxious overbearing B—H

    Tax loving B—H who loves spending other peoples hard earned money

  • joe katona


  • joe katona


    • metheoldsarge

      Wishful thinking that isn’t going to happen. She would take too many down with her.

  • joe s

    This pig is the most dishonest crook ever in public life and is so because of the stupid voter and a totally faulty press that will not do its job and go after the fraud Clintons , and the hell with the country.

  • Old Vet

    What everyone should be concerned about is the cumulative effect of this outcome, the GOP mess, the entertaining of Commies abroad, placating ISIS, and snubbing Israel, to name a few. All of this could be the perfect storm for a conservative v. liberal civil war of more than words.

  • rayser711

    The FBI will go public for their reasons to prosecute Hillary….If it is not carried out there will be backlash…….It will ruin her presidential run to say the least !

    • Phyllis

      I don’t think the FBI cares about backlash, they aren’t running for office so there are no repercussions if they tick off the American people. If Hillary was truly concerned I think it would show on her face someway and it doesn’t. When she gets into office it will be entertaining to see First Dude Bill wearing ‘blue dresses’ and ‘smoking’ (among other things) cigars that Obama opened the door in Cuba to get, which is weird as smoking is outlawed in practically all public places and haven’t you heard it is bad for your health. They probably own a tobacco plantation now and so it will become vogue again and they will select something else as the cause for cancer. Ps, if she gets into office, I think every red blooded american woman should name their new girl babies…Monica. And all female clothing(regardless of gender) should be blue with embroidered cigars on it.

  • Kathy Sessler

    I want to see the “D.C. Madams’ Ledger” concerning the politicians who “used her (escort) services!” Her “former attorney” wants the Supreme Court to make a decision on allowing him to “release ALL the names!”
    It’s been since 2007 when a court order sealed it!
    I believe we all might just be enlightened on how many illegal political figures are in it. And, how many used her services using taxpayers monies!

  • carpkiller

    Comey lied for her before,so this is only for show.

    • Wildeagleone

      That is a very bold statement!! Can you back that statement up in print and fact and show us your evidence?

  • I am a proud contributor to http://www.judicialwatch.org
    And I have been notified on the progress of all of cases
    investigations and suites they are working on. A lot of the crimes that
    are going on in our Goverments both State and Federal levels.
    I am
    asking all honest Americans who want to see these lawless people held
    accountable, Please visit the web site above and join in by sending a
    donation to this great group of people The cost of fighting these
    crooks are huge. Please help!! These Men and women are working hard for
    you and I………

    • carpkiller

      They are the best group I have ever seen to get results about these bastards.

  • bayman61

    And what does anyone want to bet about the outcome? Why do they want to interview her anyway?

    • Carl Lewis

      Among other things Comey may want to know is why such an outsider of the Government person such as Sidney Blumenthal included in sensitive, if not Top Secret missives containing info Not For His Eyes?
      Many other emails reveal her connections to foreighn entities who might have or did, in fact, receive some sort of helpful assistance from this SOS.
      He will wabt to know about that.
      He may want to know how she managed to allow the Russians to purchase 20% of all the U.S.A.’s Uranium reserves…the why is that husband’s CGI benefitted enormously from the deal.
      More….I”ll be back with lots more, including her SNL’s woebegotten failures with the Greeks.

  • Kent2012

    the ho be brushing up on her cackling and holding her head in her hands…

  • If ever there was a time for honesty it is now. Reading the US codes and listeni.g to Hillary’s many comments it is clear laws were broken and from all his past actions Director Comey doesn’t care about politic’s. The public at every level should outraged at Clinton’s violations of US laws. She is not a queen.

    • Rodney Steward

      They’re just going through the motions to make the American people feel good, and waste a bunch of money on something that’s never going to happen, she’s gonna walk like a queen! This is the govs. pick for President! She guarantees their life style!

      • I hope your wrong

        • Rodney Steward

          I really hope I am too!!

    • Phyllis

      I think she is a queen, just not the kind you are referring to.

    • Old Vet

      Both she and the Democrat Machine could teach Goebbels a thing or too about propaganda it seems. The old mantra: if you speak/repeat a lie long enough, it becomes the truth. As a serial liar, it is very easy for her to keep repeating, repeating,……..I don’t need to go on.

  • Gary in MN

    The timing is impeccable-Comey interviews Hillary and exonerates the poor lady, and that gives her time to flush all of this well before the election. Nice planning Obozo. May you both rot in Hell!

  • Pat Griffin

    So Hillary will be interviewed by FBI director (appointed by Obammy), with a all-knowing US Attorney Lynch (appointed by Obammy), and we expect a true, objective outcome of that interview? I believe Santa Claus comes in July, too.

  • ralph

    complete scam by the communist FBI nothing American about this

    • Old Vet

      I really hope you are wrong. It will open the door to the “Clinton: I did nothing wrong defense” hereafter.


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