Army officer recommends no jail time for Bowe Bergdahl, attorney says

October 11, 2015

An Army officer is recommending that Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl face a lower-level court martial and be spared the possibility of jail time for leaving his post in Afghanistan, his lawyer said Saturday.

Bergdahl was captured by the Taliban after leaving his post on June 30, 2009, and held until last year, when he was exchanged for five Taliban commanders. His commanding officers in Afghanistan say a 45-day search for Bergdahl put soldiers in danger.

Military prosecutors charged Bergdahl in March with desertion and misbehavior before the enemy, a charge that could carry a maximum penalty of life imprisonment.

  • Debbie

    This will not go over well with the American People. I would hate to be him and walk the streets. Suggestion HIDE or leave the country.

  • pete G

    What concerns me the most is how did Obama find all these corrupt people to do his dirty work? This plan to change America must have started decades ago. Who are these people who hate freedom? I don’t understand any of this.


    Gosh, no one saw this coming…..Since ma, pa and the kid are full fledge muslims and but boy B’OB is pulling the strings, no treason to big for him to stop the UCMJ from being implemented…This crooked jerk needs a long prison term and hard labor…….

  • 209OliveSt!!Mike McAllister

    Obama has turned the military leadership into a bunch of pussies. I bet if you asked the personnel in his unit what to do you would get a very different answer. I hope the real military can recover from the pussy corp Obama has made them.

    • Bob2002

      It will take years because Obama has placed his wuzzies in charge of all branches of the military and the pentagon. Just look at the Secretary of Defense. He is like Obama, weak and wimpy.

  • KDC

    This makes me sick!

  • mike

    With our leadership in office they will try and promote this deserter to a general when he should rot in a prison cell which should have happened already, You have to wonder why it is taking so long to put him away for good

  • Dave In Arizona

    An “Arny officer” or one of Obama’s civilian administrators?

  • Lily Haley

    What? Just pat him on the head and say Go and commit treason no more?

  • champion2211

    This traitor left his post on his own and then got captured on his own. He was held for 5 years as a deserter from us. Due to him deserting his post it could have cost others their lives because of his gutless leaving. Then we had to trade 5 terrorist for his sorry ass and then the President promoted him to a rank he didn’t deserve. He should be tried as a deserter and traitor in war time.; As a just treatment he should be put to death but I don’t think you people have the balls to do that, so give this traitor life without the opportunity of parole.

    • S. Wicks Jr

      I think a twenty one gun salute (all active rounds) pointed at his heart would be appropriate. DESERTER does not deserve to breath….

  • ADRoberts

    Patriotic officers are in Leavenworth for actually doing a good job of protecting their men. Now they want to reward a traitor?
    ‘Yes, Obama HAS fundamentally transformed America. I wonder IF we can get a good president, whether we will be able to get the good guys out of jail and eject these traitor.

  • Bergdahl should be Executed for Treason, that is all this fecal maggot coward deserves! And his soul will burn in Hell with his fellow Islamic pigs! Traitor! I did not serve Honorably, under Presidents Johnson thru Reagan for a cowardly twat like this maggot to get away with Treason! And six soldiers dies because of his Treason, at least six if not more! Firing Squad, a dual execution, Bergdahl and Hussein Obama both executed at the same time! That’ll work! Two dead Traitors are always a good thing!

  • Carline D. Long Jr.

    This is disgraceful! Political crap!

    • pete G

      Its what you get when you have a disgraceful President. I pray there is enough good Americans left to overtake him when he comes for our guns, and by God he will, you wait.

  • Smitch

    The Army is just as corrupt as the Whitehouse! I know why don’t they give him the Congressional Metal of Honor and advance his rank to a 20 Star General!

    • Mike Olson

      They probably have a Nobel Prize with his name on it in the works.

      • Smitch

        And a book tour in the works?

      • Bob2002

        If Bergdahl does get punishment, Obama will pardon him before he leaves office. Why? Because they are both Muslims.

  • doc

    Making Sgt and still breathing got anything to do with this ? Father turning Muslim?? If this is allowed to happen, Then might as well shut down the Military!!

    • Bob2002

      That’s because we have a Muslim in our White House even though he continually denies it and says he is a christian. I say Rubbish. Obama is a Muslim – period and he has even admitted it.

  • Gnowark

    “An Army Officer”? Is that like a 2nd lieutenant or a Commander-In-Chief?

    • Terry Rushing

      Good question. Lets put a name on this “army officer” who wants to protect this deserter from the consequences of his actions. This guy was a volunteer, not a draftee so he is totally without excuse.

    • Pam

      From the cited article: “Lt. Col. Mark Visger has recommended that Sgt. Bergdahl’s case be referred to a special court martial, which is a misdemeanor-level forum. It limits the maximum punishment to reduction in rank, a bad-conduct discharge and a term of up to a year in prison.”

      This scum bag Bergdahl should be facing a firing squad for desertion, but that would hit too close to home for Soetoro. As usual, they were hoping the public would have forgotten about this and they could just sweep it under the rug with the rest.
      Man, that rug must have a hump under it the size of Mt. McKinley by now!

      • william couch

        FOR GOGSAKES!!! !KILL THE CSER!!!!!!

      • Bob2002

        You can bet this Lt Col Mark Visger was hand picked by Obama and that is why he is recommending the lenient court. I say, hang him to set an example because he deserted his outfit in time of war.

      • pete G

        Obama should be shot in Bergdahl’s place. The man is a total piece of Sh—t.


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