Backstage maneuvering begins in wide-open GOP chairman’s race

by Scott Wong  |  published on April 1, 2016

There’s a race in the Republican Party happening far away from the hot media glare, one that doesn’t involve a candidate named Trump or Twitter fights or violent protests.

In fact, you’ve probably never heard of most of the possible leading contenders.

It’s the race to succeed Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus, who’s expected to step down in January 2017 after a record six years.

If Donald Trump or another Republican is elected president this fall, the chairman’s contest will probably be a moot point. It’s tradition for the president to handpick the chairman of his own party.

  • ralph

    I gave this country 20 years of my life and today I would not give it 5min.

  • Ken says

    Obviously the Establishment and the RINOs in the GOP only want RINOs in control of the GOP – lose control and the Establishment loses the ability to select the Presidential Candidate – that has worked so well for 27 years there is no intention of losing that power. Let’s concentrate on winning the election in in November then if one of the four Establishment Candidates is NOT elected – we can clean house in the GOP.

  • Phil Esposito

    Trump might put Clint Eastwood in the spot. lol

    • Pat Henson Ward

      Or Chuck Norris?

  • Pam

    Reading the full article is very disturbing. Of the names “floated”, the vast majority who are familiar to me are people that are contributing to the “GOP” earning the nicknames RINO, REPUBLICRAT, DEMOCRAT-LITE, ETC.
    If the party wants to really define us as a “two party” system, they need their leadership to be TRUE FISCAL, CONSTITUTIONAL CONSERVATIVES. They need someone strong enough to make the case for bringing us back to our Constitutional roots. Sadly, that will never happen, because today’s “political class” is too used to living “high off the hog” on lobbyist and “special interest” PAYOLA!

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