Ben Carson: Donald Trump ‘was very dishonest’ about my past

by Ed O'Keefe  |  published on January 28, 2016

Struggling to maintain momentum ahead of the Iowa Republican caucus, presidential candidate Ben Carson accused GOP front-runner Donald Trump on Wednesday of spreading “rumors” about his past that contributed to “unprecedented attacks” on his character.

Carson, who once led polls here in Iowa, predicted that Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz (Tex.), another GOP front-runner, will “probably” perform worse than anticipated because news organizations are not polling his universe of supporters accurately.

“A lot of the people who are supporting us are people who have not traditionally been in the political arena. And those are people who are not polled. You only poll likely voters,” the retired neurosurgeon told reporters at a Bloomberg Politics Breakfast Briefing in Des Moines.

  • jcadla

    Sounds like sour grapes, Mr Carson. Trump only repeated things about you after you said them yourself. He may have embellished the facts a bit but he never lied about you. Your stories about you being ‘a bad boy’ as a youth were not very wise to tell. They accomplished nothing except to lower your status as a good person. Everything negative said about you was started by you. Grow up and face your own music. For me, I never would have voted for you under any circumstances. I do not think you have exhibited the talent for this kind of leadership position. IMHO

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