June 19, 2015

bobby-jindal-AP-640x480Appearing on Fox News’s Neil Cavuto show on Thursday, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal said President Obama’s use of the horrific shooting in Charleston to call for gun control is “completely shameful.”

Jindal said Obama’s comments were divisive and he called on the president to, instead, unite the nation. He also praised South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley (R) for beginning the healing process in her state.

Cavuto asked Jindal about Obama’s statement that gun violence was a problem that was unique to America.

  • tom2

    I agree, his comments on this sad atrocity were shameful. But they’re commingled with a long list of shameful comments.

  • MarcJ

    There was another mass murder by an insane 21-year old White male who opened fire in a Black church killing 9 Blacks and injuring several more. Mass murders by the clinically insane have become routine events averaging 3-4 per year. How come those lunatics are free to roam and murder?
    Some 40 years ago the ACLU lawyers found through a series of
    lawsuits another “human right” consisting in the criminally insane being able
    to refuse internment and treatment in asylums for such. Such institutions have since then practically disappeared while mass murders by lunatics continue on an almost regular and predictable basis.
    From 1917 till 1939 ACLU was the official legal arm of the Communist Party USA; then the two formally separated without changing their common aims which are: 1) destroy the US Constitution, and 2) take absolute power by a revolution of the “oppressed working classes”.
    That artificial separation was necessary in order to cover up their roles in the
    planned destruction of our formally free constitutional republic. Why
    predictable you ask: mass murders by the insane left to roam free will lead to
    the elimination of our 2nd Amendment with consequent disarming of
    our population as per the recipe of Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Tito, Castro, Kim-whatever, and other such murderous despots. My educated guess is that there will be at least two more such mass murders by the lunatics before the end of this 2015 year. Gun control!!! – will be the war cry by our Democrats, progressives, liberals, union goons, socialists, communists, college professors, and other such bottom-feeders, slime, and scum of our formerly free constitutional republic. And B. Hussein Obama – our Marxist Muslim President from Kenya – will lead the attack with some urgency: he only has 18 months left to accomplish the task. My wish was that at least one of those Black worshippers had a concealed weapon permit to put a stop to the slaughter.

    Note: how about that former General Counsel of ACLU sitting on the US Supreme Court? Just give this former refugee from a communist hell any subject coming to the Supreme Court and I will predict with 100% accuracy her vote.

  • Mike O’Mara

    Please remember who worked so hard to create as much racial tension as possible from each and every incident that involved blacks in any way but even more so if it included police. Even when the police were the target of the violence Obama, Holder, Sharpton (as always) and all the other usual suspects rushed to defend the poor black youth who were very often being paid to cause the crisis. The innocent victims from Charleston should never have been subjected to such a cruel, terrible event. By innocent victims I include the family and friends of those killed. I have to say though that the remarks of Obama and the others have brought the likely hood of incidents such as this to be more and more likely. Obama’s remarks following this disaster are the same Saul Alinsky formula that Obama loves. His words lost any semblance of sincerity when he followed them up with his usual visit to the golf course.

  • Sylvester Jones

    By pulling our troops out and allowing isis in to slaughter Christians, no disarming them though? He’s the enemy of America plain and simple.

    • bobnstuff

      The pull out was set up by Bush, Obama just did what was agreed to and respected the wish’s of an other country, a country we had no business being in in the first place. I guess you think spilling American blood in a country that doesn’t want us there is OK.

      • Sylvester Jones

        They were loaded with WMD’S, which they sent to Syria you dummy.

  • Sylvester Jones

    What about what the president did to Iraq

  • John VanderKelen

    Drug usage is said to have played a role in this murder rampage. The Bible instructs to be sober minded. Concealed carry on site may have prevented it.

    • I don’t recall the Bible instructing about concealed carry. Is there a passage you can direct me to?

      • mudflat

        Romans 308

        • The English Standard Version of that verse goes like this:
          “And why not do evil that good may come?—as some people slanderously charge us with saying. Their condemnation is just.”

          Could you please explain how you interpret that to be an instruction for concealed carry?

          • mudflat

            Get off your pulpit. My comment was a meaningless joke. ‘Romans’ = aggression, 308 = caliber. if I had used 45 or 38 it might have been more obvious.
            My joke was driven by all of the meaningless chatter that passes for intellectual comment on this forum, especially when people start bickering with each other. There is a real crisis occurring in this country; 100,000,000 gun owners are being demonized and threatened daily because of the actions of a few (less than 10) absolutely insane people. The worst of the situation is that all we do is bicker with each other on stupid fora.

          • Ah, humor. Yes, it was a little too obscure for me.

            Just as you complain that the huge majority of gun owners are being demonized by the actions of an insane few, is it also possible that millions of hard-working, law-abiding, tax-paying Mexicans – legal and illegal – are also being demonized by the actions of a few drunk drivers or violent criminals?

          • mudflat

            NO! As a white boy of good standing; if I sneak into Canada or any country in Europe, places where the population is largely white, and get caught; I will be jailed then deported. As should be happening here to ALL of the ILLEGAL aliens.

          • And I’m sure you’re aware of the fact that deportations have increased markedly during Obama’s time in office. But the harder question is what to do with 10 million plus who have been here for years, work, go to school, etc.?

          • mudflat

            If they are here illegally, then they must leave!

          • Ain’t NEVER gonna happen, so what’s your Plan B?

      • Michael Hazel

        Take good care of yourself! Oh wait that’s a song written by a ditz like you.

        • Clever!! What song would that be?

  • Bill

    Who are these nitwits that will use any occasion to attack the President regardless of how illogical their thinking is?

    • Girlie58

      Bill, it was the president who attacked our 2nd amendment! And don’t you deny it! It is the president who sticks his pinnochio nose whenever he can politicize an incident to his advantage. Don’t you get it? It is Obama who has divided this country to the way it is now. He doesn’t care about these church people, only his ideology!

      • Cam Michelson


        • Girlie58

          Typical loser lib!

      • Hgeyer

        Obama has signed 2 gun laws into effect BOTH make it easier to carry concealed weapons. So, how is he attacking your second amendment rights exactly? Obama has divided the country simply because he is not white and the racist half of the country can’t handle that! It’s like blaming a rape victim for their rape! But I guess conservatives do THAT too…..

        • Girlie58

          You’re a liar! You can’t prove what you just said. And Obama hates himself for being black! He is so hung up on being black that it matters not to him that he is president! He has to take his blackness out on everyone else. Thats how he has divided the country, moron!

          • Hgeyer

            Here’s your proof! Just one of many sites that will confirm you are stupid….

          • Girlie58

            That was in 2010! Today is a different story. Blamings guns as cause of death instead of the person or the govt, for PC tolerance and acceptance of mental disorder. What counts is NOW, dickhead!

          • Hgeyer

            Those are STILL the only gun laws Obama has signed! I challenge you to prove me wrong!

          • Girlie58

            I realize that I might be talking to a child with tantrums and i do not want to waste my time any longer. Believe what you want snd accept the consequences. I no longer want to stoop down to your level. You’re dirty!

          • Hgeyer

            Gee, thank you for letting me continue to believe the truth! I guess that means you couldn’t find ANYTHING to show I was wrong! I have never considered posting the facts as “dirty” but to each his own….

          • Girlie,
            Could you please list all the gun laws that Obama has signed? I’m interested in finding out how he’s attacking our rights in this way.

            And a question here: You say “You can’t prove what you just said. And Obama hates himself for being black! He is so hung up on being black that it matters not to him that he is president! He has to take his blackness out on everyone else.” So, since you’re asking for proof, can I ask for YOUR proof for this statement? How is he “hung up on being black” and how is he taking “his blackness out on everyone else”?

            If you’re demanding proof from others, then you need to provide it yourself.


          • Girlie58

            Obama may have approved a couple of gun laws but he is also a hypocrite and known for flip flopping up to recently on same sex marriage. Him signing gun laws don’t mean anything because currently, he is working hard on banning them. I don’t have the time to research to satisfy you but if you listen to the conservative news and I say conservative because that is when you truly hear the truth , even if it hurts your ears, because the liberal news will NEVER report anything negative about obama. Look at Hgeyer, he is going nuts as if its the first time he has heard about obama trying to ban guns, thus attacking our 2nd amendment! He kniws that in his heart but he us so brainwashed, he will never see the truth about his idol, until he is next in line to be screwed by obama, and There is no longer anybody around to stick up for him!

          • Whoa! Just a minute there Miss Girlie Know It All. You demanded proof of other people here, and I asked you to name a gun law or 2 that Obama has signed. PLEASE take a few minutes out of your oh-so-busy schedule and list a law or 2 that he’s signed. If you have time to get all distracted and go off on a tangent about conservative news and same sex marriage, then you have time to post here a link to a law or 2 that Obama has signed banning guns.

            I don’t care what conservative news says. I want to hear what YOU say, and what proof YOU have.

            Pretty please with rainbow sprinkles on top?

          • Girlie58

            Excuse me smarty, he doesn’t have to sign anything to create chaos. Just listening to him daily, with his coded messages and one liners, already creating trouble. Wake up dude!

          • Since you haven’t been able to back up any of your claims, I will thank you know for proving me right.

          • Girlie58

            You’re not right! Just watch the news and read conservative papers and you’ll know how wrong and misguided you are. Obama is a snake, speaking on both sides of his mouth!

          • Hgeyer

            Dickhead…. ??? Your mother must be proud of you…..

          • Girlie58

            And you too! dickhead!

  • Why would he call for gun controls? I thought he and the DOJ were already planning on coming for our guns. Maybe this shooter was secretly recruited by the WH to do this, because of what they’re planning. Same as with the shooter at the Dallas police HQ recently, with the armored van and bombs. And the shooter at the kid’s school in Connecticut, and the one at the Colorado movie theater? Or the ones on the college campuses, or the one that tried to kill Gabrielle Giffords?

    Wait! Come to think of it, these shooters were all white, and most were right-wing or white supremacists. Not an Islamic jihadist in the group. Huh, how about that??

  • teaman

    Sooooooo, it’s a hate crime! It’s Racism! It’s just a guy wanting to use his gun! It’s a white supremacist~~~~~!

    How about we talk about something else for a change! Let’s assume, that Racism never ever existed. In that case, this young man would have stayed home and watched TV or played video games! He wouldn’t have any reason for, or be angry to kill people…..right, RIGHT!

    Watching Fox and Friends this morning I heard all about the above but you know what, I did not here one word about his mental condition. No one pointed out that just like the majority of all past shooters, HE WAS ON PRESCRIPTION PSYCHOBABBLE DRUGS! Now, why is it that NO ONE is investigating these psychobabble idiots that are constantly prescribing these awful drugs to people they know cannot be fixed and need to be supervised/controlled 24/7! But NOOOOOO, they pump them full of proven psychotic drugs that don’t work and send them on their way back out into society! All they do, in most cases, is mask the symptoms and will NOT fix the problem! You would think by now, these psychobabble dummies would learn that you cannot fix a broken mind with drugs!

    Oh, come on now, we have a scape goat…..the gun! Yep, that’s the problem! The “GUN” wanted to kill people so it found a 21 year old with a mental defect and said, “let’s get together and go kill some black folk for they are diffidently the cause of mine and your pain”! But, of course, this is what idiots, from the White House on down do, they like to blame an inanimate object for a problem(s) that they don’t have the guts to face! IT’S RACISM, WHITE SUREMACY, IT’S THE GUN! I am tired of hearing this crap!!!

    I compare it to drug abuse! Let’s go after the drug suppliers and pushers but let’s pet, pamper, and appease the user……not willing to admit that if they got a handle on the use(er), there would be no profits for the supplier or pusher! Do you get the comparison? It’s the supplier and pusher and NEVER the user!

    But, what more can I say, our Nation is driven by stupidity at every level!

    • Are you living in your own Fantasyland? Talk about psychobabble, you’re the one dishing it out in big heaping helpings!

      The guy had a history of hate. He had talked previously about “hurting a lot of people”. He bought a 45 with birthday money. He took his picture in front of Confederate flags and was wearing clothes with the signs of white supremacy. How much proof do you want?

      As to your psychobabble about being on prescription psychobabble drugs – he was questioned by the police in February, when he was caught with suboxone, a prescription drug used to treat opiate addiction. He DID NOT have a prescription for it and was arrested for felony drug possession.

      But anyway, continue on with your babbling. It’s just that you SOUND like you know what you’re talking about, when, in reality, you don’t have a clue.

      • mudflat

        You are the one who is babbling. Your own words tell the story of his hate filled, narrow-minded, obsessive, aggressive, insane thinking. Is it ‘normal’ to spend all of your waking hours in hatred of a certain group, and planning to do them harm? I say no! In layman’s terms: he is nuts, and should have had 24/7 supervision! Also should have Adam Lanza and James Holmes and all of the other ‘nuts’ who were known to be unstable and ended up shooting groups of people. As usual though, the weapon and otherwise sane people will take the brunt of the lies and deceit of the one agenda politicians.
        I don’t think that the Confederate flag should be demonized, it is very much a part of American history. It should not be allowed to be ground into oblivion by the disgruntled Blacks. That part of history is history, it is over now. Get over it, move on!

        • I agree with you that it’s not normal to spend all your waking hours hating a group. But teaman was blaming his behavior on prescription drugs. That was clearly wrong, and I was pointing it out to him. No blaming drugs, because that means if he stopped the drugs he’d stop hating. Wrong. The guy is plain and simply nuts.

          My point is – why should it be so easy for guys like this, with a known history of drug use and hate, to be able to buy weapons?

          • mudflat

            Were his drugs prescribed antpsychotics in addition to his street drugs? He was known to be unstable. It is never the drugs alone, but the person. He should not have been allowed to openly buy a gun. How did that happen?

    • mudflat

      You are correct.

  • fred

    Its true the criminal illegal alien from kenya is out of his mind and should be committed for being a demented narcissist out to destroy OUR country asap! Jindal also believes the kenyan is mentally deficient as well from his comments in this article!

  • bobnstuff

    Our gun deaths are 25 time greater then any other first world nation. You don’t think that’s a problem? No other first world nations has the mass shootings that the US has. I guess we like being the number one in something.

    • cyndie

      actually no it is not a problem, do we have problems? yes, but we are still so much better off than any other place on this beautiful planet of ours (ummm, except maybe some nice island paradise in the middle of the ocean with wifi and all the amenities). guns are not the problem. when was the last time you heard about a shooting that the gunman was a stable, hard working, 9-5, guy? never. the japanese war machine of WWII warned that they could not invade the united states because why? answer, because we are a well armed citizenry, that’s why. isis has swords that they use to cut off their enemies’ heads, i bet every one of those people wished they had a gun.

      • bobnstuff

        So you don’t care about all the people dying from guns. You like living in a third world nation where life is cheep. When was the last time you heard about some one going into a school and killing 9 people with a knife. Just by owning a gun you
        increase your chance of being shot by 4 times. You get all excited about 2977 people being killed on 9/11 but we have that many gun deaths every 90 days in this country. Let the children die, it means nothing as long as you can have your responsibility free gun.

        • Cam Michelson

          People with common sense!

        • cyndie

          bobnstuff, have you read the constitution? perhaps you should, then maybe you would be up set about all the rights that obama and doj are trying to take away from us, you included. you think they just want our guns? no way baby they want you, lock stock and barrel, they want you to think and act the way THEY think, sorry but that is not what this country is about. and if guns kill people, then i guess pencils misspell words, cars drive drunk and spoons make you fat. you obviously have some intelligence, so why don’t you apply it.

          • bobnstuff

            You need to start listening to what the President says and not what some people say he is saying. He has
            never said he is coming for your guns. He has taken less of your rights then GW did. You are basing your view on second had information from less then reliable people.

          • bobnstuff
          • cyndie

            thanks for the link, but for some reason it wouldn’t load. i will give it a try again, but i will state up front, i believe not one word that obama says, as in you like your doctor you get to keep you doctor, or the venerable, i can’t use executive order, it’s against the constitution. just sayin

          • bobnstuff

            If that one doesn’t work go to and search gun. Everything he has said about guns is
            there. Not once does he say he is going to take our guns away. What he is asking mostly are things the NRA once supported. Anytime someone says that he is going to take a right away I look up what he really said.

      • Cyndie, did I read your response to bobnstuff correctly? He asked if our gun deaths, which are 25 times greater than any other first world nation, was a problem. You said, “actually no it is not a problem”. Is that correct? Is that what you meant?

        If that was what you meant, please explain why it’s not a problem. You say that “guns are not the problem. when was the last time you heard about a shooting that the gunman was a stable, hard working, 9-5, guy? never. ” Could the problem, then, be that it’s fairly easy for the non-stable, non-hard-working, non-9-5 guy to get a gun?

        If you’ll notice the recent news, it’s not illegal aliens, “lying thieving Mexicans” and Islamic jihadists doing all this killing. It’s white American right-winger guys and white supremacists.

        • Cam Michelson

          Again Thank You!

        • mudflat

          NO! The daily shootings that don’t get much media coverage because they occur constantly are committed in our inner cities by blacks and latino gangs. (Whether it is predominantly black and/or latino shottings depends on the population concentration.) That is the basic truth of the matter. There are 100,000,000 legal gun owners of all races in this country who you will never hear about because we are legal, law-abiding and sane.

        • cyndie

          did you read all of what i wrote? i couldn’t find the part you quoted about “lying thieving Mexicans” and more to the point american right-winger guy sounds like some one who is unstable and any one who wants to join an islamic jihadists is definitely certifiable crazy. did i answer your question?

          • Thanks for your answer.
            The quote describing Mexicans didn’t come from you – it came from another person here, in another topic.

            So I don’t think you answered my question: if guns aren’t the problem, could the problem, then, be that it’s fairly easy for the non-stable, non-hard-working, non-9-5 guy to get a gun? And how do background checks or a waiting period limit the rights of law-abiding citizens to have a gun?

            If you’re keen to enforce the laws that are already on the books, what’s your plan to do that?

            And please explain how Obama and the DOJ want us, “lock stock and barrel, they want you to think and act the way THEY think”? What rights are they trying to take away – and failing miserably at it, apparently?

          • cyndie

            have you ever purchased a gun? why don’t you try and see how it works, perhaps you would understand the process better. and the obama administration is taking away our right to think how we want to think, they do not want us to think for ourselves, because we, the people know nothing, if you don’t believe me, why don’t you follow the discussion regarding the confederate battle flag. now apple is banning or has removed anything, game, picture, anything with the confederate battle flag from their online apps. amazon, ebay, walmart group think, next we will be burning books. try looking up swastika on amazon and see what you can buy. so is there a difference? or is it something that hasn’t been targeted yet by the administration? have i mentioned how the doj and obama administration are trying to nationalize our local police? it never stops, push push push, until we are pushed too far, then what?

          • I’ve purchased a gun, I know how it works. I’m not sure I understand your point. Just as I have to wait to buy a gun, I also have to stand in line and go thru security to get on a plane or enter a courthouse. I have to wait for my passport to be processed. I have to wait for my car to be registered. Please explain the problem as you see it.

            As to the Obama administration taking away our right to think – HUH? You haven’t given any type of example. What you HAVE given is a list of companies like Amazon, Walmart, etc who feel its in the best interest of their business – their employees, their customers, their shareholders – to discontinue selling items related to any of the Confederate battle flags. They haven’t been banned. They’re still available from other sellers. This isn’t the Obama administration asking them or demanding that they do this; the CEOs decided it’s in THEIR best interest to not sell them. You know, power of the marketplace, American free enterprise – the kind of stuff you love!! Just the opposite of government intervention and centralized control, the kind of stuff you hate.

            You act like you know all about this, with your challenges about “have you read the Constitution”. But, in fact, you know very little, and you’re seeing the world not how it really is but how Hannity and Beck want you to see it. THEY (and Jim DeMint and Karl Rove and the Kochs) are the ones who don’t want you to think, not the government.

          • cyndie

            then you know when you purchase a gun you have to go through a back ground check, you sign a statement that information that you provided is true. my point, is that honest hard working people who own guns are responsible. the animal that shot these 9 people in north carolina, is not normal. the fact that ebay, amazon, walmart etc. have decided not to sell the confederate battle flag,because this animal wrapped himself in the battle flag,seems extreme to me. it appears that everyone is jumping on the band wagon and not giving it much thought, except that it is politically correct. hannity sometimes i listen to, but not mr. beck. i have never consider rove smart at all, just greedy. did you notice that obama wasted no time turning the shooting into a divisive moment. perhaps you are old enough to remember the sharon tate murders committed by manson, he stated that his purpose for committing that heinous crime was to start a race war. we didn’t take manson’s bait, but obama has taken the bait hook line and sinker. if the banning of the confederate battle flag had been a spontaneous response perhaps i would think differently. perhaps you missed farrakhan sermon, say that the stars and strips is the flag that should be banned and burned and taken down from every building. now the left wants to start removing confederate battle grounds in the south. i am saying that if you try to erase history, you are doomed to repeat it. and when i went to amazon and searched “swastika” the may items available may surprise you. if you start banning words, symbols, you start down a very slippery slope. obama is a dangerous man, he has no concern for the black population, he flys to florida for a round of golf, his wife daughter, mother-in-law are in italy for their summer vacation, all on the taxpayer’s dollar. yet michelle gives a commencement speech she proceeds to tell the graduating class how hard life is going to be for them because every one is so f’in prejudice, and yet she is the first black first lady, her husband is the first black president, but we, as a nation are prejudice and hateful and just want to hold black people down. this is why i can’t stand this administration and that the house republicans give obama everything he wants is disgusting. does this clarify anything for you? you think what you think and i think what i think, maybe we agree or may be we don’t, but i don’t think it is healthy for the government to tell me what to think.

          • Regarding eBay, Amazon, WalMart, etc: It may seem extreme to you, as it probably does to many. Nevertheless, these were decisions that the COMPANIES made – CEOs and their Boards of Directors – in response to THEIR customers and the marketplace. They weren’t decisions imposed or even requested by the government. The items in question weren’t banned, and you can still get them from other vendors and display them on your front lawn or store front, if you choose. As I said, this seems to be a perfect example of free enterprise and the power of the marketplace, just the opposite of centralized government control and the Communism that you abhor.

            And please notice that the calls to take down the battle flag from the lawn of the state capitol in S Carolina are now coming from their Republican governor, and not just the commie left.

            Regarding guns: I agree with you that “honest hard working people who own guns are responsible. the animal that shot these 9 people in north carolina, is not normal.” And I agree with you that you have to go through a background check and sign a statement that you’re providing true information. So, if it’s that simple and straightforward, why do so many people here object to it and feel it’s an infringement on their rights to wait even a few minutes to buy an assault rifle. And it would seem that if we could enforce the waiting period – if the NRA and everyone agrees that a couple days to check out the truth of a buyer and look into his/her medical history or legal history – then we can be assured that it’s the “honest, hard-working people” are the ones owning the guns and not the lunatics. It sure would be nice if a guy who just had a restraining order imposed on him to stay away from his girlfriend or wife that he just beat up had to wait 2 or 3 days to buy a gun. Maybe he’d cool off a bit, and maybe another life could be saved.

          • cyndie

            fyi, here in sunny california, we have a 10 day waiting period before you can receive your gun, you have to register every gun, even hunting rifles. so 2 or 3 days is nothing. i know it was the governor of nc that had the flag removed from the capital grounds, and i agree. and i think that the companies that you mentioned want to be on the right side of this issue, i really don’t think they considered anything else. it’s this rush to make these things happen, no discussion just action, that concerns me. why can’t obama take action with isis, his famous junior varsity team? the flag is a distraction from what is happening world wide. obama could have used the tragedy of north carolina to unite us, but instead he divides us. plan and simple. i don’t trust him and i think that he is a very dangerous man. (and yes i voted for him, twice) so now i reap what i have sewn.

          • A comment on this: “it’s this rush to make these things happen, no discussion just action, that concerns me.”
            You mean, like the Patriot Act, and the invasion of Iraq?

            Re the guns: I’m glad to hear that you support – or at least see some value in – a minimum waiting period for a gun purchase.

            Re taking action against ISIS: What EXACTLY do you recommend him to do? Are you wanting a US invasion force to just “go in and wipe them out”? Are we going to do it ourselves? How long will the effect last, if we kill all the ones we know about? Will just killing the current ISIS members prevent a regrowth of the cancer as soon as we “win” and leave? Who will our allies be, i.e., who will fight with us? Who can we trust over there, who can we give weapons to that won’t turn around and use them against us, or sell them to those who will? There is a large group of Americans who are sick to death of spending money and American lives over there for people who share very little of our values, including our love for freedom and democracy. Are we going to (finally) raise taxes to pay for a war, or are we just going to fund it “off the books”, and let the debts pile up for the next president and the next generation? It seems to be an easy mantra to just “go in and kill them”, but in reality it seems like quicksand just waiting to suck us in. What are your thoughts?

          • cyndie

            who can we trust, yes that is an issue, because obama has abandoned all of our previous allies to support iran, death to america. our country is in this mess because of obama’s failed, and i mean failed, foreign policy, everything that man touches goes sends everything to hell in a hand basket. go back and look and every thing that obama has said and then look at what he does. always, always, always, he does the exact opposite and we the people are the ones who suffer. if i were to tell you that i disagree with his immigration policies, would you accuse me of being a racist? i hope not, but when i expressed this opinion on the white house page where they were asking for public comment, i was told to go back to my kkk friends. if one disagrees with the president, one is considered a bigot. i disagree with him because he is a very poor leader and not the man i thought he was. and back to your original question, (sorry about the rant) yes, i do believe we have to go in and terminate isis, at the very least obama should listen to sisi the president of egypt, who has a very good idea, but is ignored. isis is a treat to christianity, islam, buddism, any one who believes in a loving god is being threatened. you are correct in your thought that this is a quagmire, but our problem in our past “wars” that the last war that ,we really fought was wwII, the president went to congress and asked for a declaration of war and we went to war to WIN. these last wars, from viet nam on, have been been “military actions”, we need to fight this evil and put it down now. the president needs to go to congress and ask for a declaration of war. we need to do it the right way, not this half assed way we have been fighting.

          • We haven’t abandoned all our previous allies, as you’ve claimed. There are 5 or 6 countries that are, together, negotiating with Iran. Are we lockstep with everything Israel is doing? When was the last time you heard an American president praise Israel for their settlement policy and encourage them to take more and more of Jerusalem and the West Bank? Their actions have been against America’s public policy for decades. Maybe its just becoming a little more apparent now, especially with European countries mounting a boycott against them.

            You need to look at the bigger picture and not just blame Obama for the problems there.

    • Observant_One

      Only because we can’t remove the cities of Chicago, New Orleans, Washington, D.C., and Detroit from the statistics.

      • bobnstuff

        You would think so but we would still be 20 times the gun deaths. People in other countries don’t understand how we can let all these people die from guns and do nothing. The real question is why we do nothing. Even the gun owners must see all these deaths as a bad thing. Do we not care that children are dying, do we not want to protect our loved ones from
        death by gun shot? Owning a gun is no protection since having a gun increases your chance of being shot by 4 times. 60% of all gun deaths are suicides and 4% are accidents. Other then to protect a misinterpreted line on a 200 year old paper why do we not have some real gun control to help save lives.

        • Observant_One

          Don’t visit a ghetto after sundown, especially if you are white, or for that matter black either, because you have a good chance to get your sad ass shot by some punk. Normally, he would be looking for a bro’ from another gang, but in this case he will see your ass as grass, and he is going to mow it. You need to spend at least one night in the ghetto to get your head on straight about death due to gunshot. Your experience, if you survive, will change your perspective on knowing why you should own a gun. Of course if you are a liberal that lesson will not alter your inane thinking.

          • bobnstuff

            I have been in the ghetto at night, I drove a guy home from work into the worst part of Pittsburgh at three
            AM a number of times. I also delivered pizzas in some pretty bad areas. In spite of what TV tells you these people are not looking for a fight. Most shootings are people that know each other. It’s safer for a white man to go into the ghetto at night then it is for a black
            man to go into a so called good neighborhood at night.

  • mohrri

    What Ogoofy must do is to take the next rocket to infinity and never comeback, we are sick and tired of his divisive rhetoric and we are also sick and tired of those idiots mindless zombies who support him.

    • Hgeyer

      Most of this country is sick and tired of all the racist as$holes that can’t seem to treat the president of our great country with the respect the office deserves! If you don’t like our leader get the F out and go hang with ISIS! They share your warped and evil opinion of our president!

      • carpkiller

        You need to be on drugs.

        • Hgeyer

          And you need to be on a plane to Iraq to fight against our president with your ISIS friends!

        • Hgeyer

          List of those that hate Obama and the U.S. Government….. Tea baggers, North Korea, Iran, ISIS and YOU! You must be very proud of yourself!

          • carpkiller

            You are already on drugs. My mistake.

      • cyndie

        and our president is the biggest asshole racist of them all.

        • Hgeyer

          Make up bull$hit and posting it online won’t make it true! You should be ashamed of yourself!

      • Cam Michelson

        Thank You!

  • reagangs

    Obummer needs to spend a year or so somewhere in an Africa hot spot of violence or the Middle East where death is everywhere. He would change his mind. With the US population in the tens of millions, the % of massive gun violence is low. Our problem here is the ever creeping police state.


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