Bombshell: Insider Leaks Koch Bros, Rubio Plan to Stop Trump

February 29, 2016

“$75 million to stop Trump and $25 million to Marco Rubio, but they gave Rubio a condition: he’s got to win the Florida primary or he’s out and Mitt Romney’s in,” Stone revealed. “That’s the plan.”

“First they’ll ramp up an enormous, negative campaign on TV against Trump and they’re going to hit this phony Trump University issue,” he continued. “They claim to have personal dirt on Trump – I doubt that – and they are also going to try and delve into his business affairs, but if Rubio fails to grab the Florida primary, then Rubio’s out and Mitt Romney’s in.”

“The plan is for Romney to file for the New Jersey, New York and California primaries in an all-out ditch effort to stop Donald Trump and you heard it here on”

Additionally, Marco Rubio’s wife called Ted Cruz’s wife, Heidi, to desperately beg Cruz to exit the race and aid Rubio, but Heidi said no, Stone said.

“The power structure’s desperate, the Rubio and Cruz teams are going back and forth but they can’t agree as to who will be the candidate,” he added. “I still believe Mitt Romney is totally dressed up, already made up, waiting in the wings… to step in as the last, best hope of the ‘stop Trump’ movement, and frankly I think Trump will bulldoze him as well.”

  • ceezeebee

    The voice of the people is shouting loud and clear! The right wing conservatives don’t get it and never will. Trump’s campaign seems to be unstoppable because the more the GOP try to stop him the stronger he gets. Not a Trump fan but I hope he gets the nomination because he is not under the thumbs of the Koch’s.

  • Cookie Vranish

    this election cycle is crazy. But they all have been for years now. The grass roots voters think they are actually doing something. Only to find out that we didn’t matter. We could have beat Obama in the last run but for some reason Romney just quit. We gave the Republican Party both the house and the Senate only to find out Boehner was just a drunk and lazy. We had been told the Republicans can’t get anything done because we only had the house. Wew got rid of Boehner and ended up with Paul Ryan who engineered the largest budget I ever heard of. More than Obama wanted. What the hell is going on? Now we are about to hand these people (RNC) the Presidency also and find that they are fighting us like crazy because they want their guy in and not ours. It is time to go on the attack against our own party and replace as many as possible to people that do what we want. So far they only do what they want and that is sit in their little kindoms and do nothing for us.

  • nancy anderson

    We do not want unity in congress, we want Cruz values in running the country!!! See, you guys just prove my point about Cruz being smashed by Trump!!! Cruz has done everything he said he would do after getting elected to the Senate!!!! He is one of the few who takes on the established republicans & libs!!! he is strong & mighty & isn’t run by wall street & big banks! Those are lies told by Trump & the libs to get rid of Cruz because Cruz will pull down the curtain on what they are all pulling!! He is an honest man & very brave!!! He has principles & will take them all down!! Vote out all libs & rinos!! You People have no clue as to what Cruz has done to make us great again!!! Trump likes Hillery & he has said he will get along with all of these libs once he is in office!! that is the last thing this country needs! The rinos have given odumbo everything he wants!!! What a blow!! They are traitors!!! I like Trump, but Cruz is way smarter than any of the rest of the candidates & he would make a great Pres!!!!!!

  • nancy anderson

    They pick a loser TWICE??? What is the matter with those rinos?? Moderates NEVER win!!!! Cruz is the only true conservative! We HAVE to HAVE a conservative as president!!!! Please, people let’s all back Cruz!!! He has the guts to go against our party & the libs!! he had the guts to call McConnell he was a liar!! It takes no guts to be a liberal or to give Obama everything he wants!!! I was for Trump as long as he was sucking up all the oxygen in the room but he started acting like a baby & attacking Cruz when he won Iowa (or before), & now he has attracted all the skin heads & unchristian people & he lost the evangelicals! His followers all sound like libs & he is using phrases that libs use! He will not follow through with his promise to build the wall & the rest of what he said he would do because the libs & rinos will use him to do amnesty, only “his” way & it will still be their way!!! Trump does not know how the Christian conservatives think & why they were backing him in the beginning!!! I was hoping & praying he wouldn’t mess up, but he did!!! God decides who he wants & He puts them there!! He gave Obama 2 terms because He needed him to fulfill prophecy, not because He was trying to bless him!! Cruz 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Diane Jasa

    I still think that Ben Carson would be a better president than any of them. He has the advantage of being an outsider, and the many advantages of being more intelligent, more honest, more equipped to work with a team of experts, more respectable and more respectful of other people (including opponents) and of the constitution. He believes that the president is to serve the people and not the reverse.

  • djm4706

    If Romney gets in and the establishment brokers a deal at the convention, I would expect trump to go third party. If he does he has my vote. If my choice is between Romney and Hillary, I will stay at home.

    • Cookie Vranish

      I won’t, I’ll find Trump and write him in if I have to. Imagine this, the RNC doesn’t care if Hillary wins. Just so Trump does not.

  • drrocko

    From 1989 up to 2012 the Koch bros. have only donated a little over $12 million ($12,687,198.00) to the republican party ! In that same time period the democrats have “extorted” way over $600 million ($602,108,049.00) from American unions ! Who’s really buying American elections ?

  • Dennis

    Time has come! Unfortunately, for a Bulldozer to get the country, hopefully, squared away before the country goes completely down the rat hole!

  • Citizentobe

    The implosion of a party as the pre-amble of the destruction of the country by the axis of evil Hussein/Khillary

  • TOM

    you spend $75 million trump will spend 100Million. You dumbasses don’t get it do you, America doesn’t want politics as usual, They want REAL CHANGE, they don’t want GOP as usual, they are tired of the Senate not having any backbone, and most know that Marco and Ted don’t get it. Ted you can’t get along with members now, how are you going to unify members of the Congress and House if you don’t get along with them?? Marco you have become a Rino overnight, from a Tea partier. Shows your loyalty. Funny how the republican members have changed their tune over the last 2 years, when they didn’t want Rubio or Cruz to run. I predict that Trump will end Rubio’s run in Florida, and it will be close in Texas

  • George Dimele

    If you think I’m going to vote for another bought and paid for politician when I have a Brilliant businessman running than you are dumber than I thought!

  • raynbene

    If Alex Jones is involved in this, then the Donald has no worries – this is all nutcase conspiracy –

    • Patriot Lady

      Could you please clarify your meaning on your comment, as it seems to come across as smearing Alex Jones?

      • Cookie Vranish

        that is what he was doing. Ignore him!

    • Cookie Vranish

      Don’t worry about Alex Jones. A much bigger conspiracy is Glen Beck, Goldman Sacks, Kock Bros, RNC and much more!

  • Driver_S

    The GOP is trembling on their RINO express train because they know Trump will derail it. They are pulling out all the stops to discredit Mr. Trump along with the Liberals & MSM. It’s time to clean house and Trump is the only one that will do it.

    • Cookie Vranish

      You are correct and the Tea Party has been Hijacked by the RNC too. Rubio and Cruz. I used to think the Tea Party was going to be the answer.

      • Driver_S

        I think the Tea Party was duped by the closet RINOs. As soon as they got elected they came out of the closet and showed their true colors.

  • PatriotGal

    No surprises here. As soon as Romney had come out with his smear on Mr. Trump’s taxes, it smelled to high Heaven. Time to fight the Koch brothers, Rubio, Cruz and Romney. TRUMP 2016!

    • George Dimele

      Amen to that!

      • podunk1

        Dump Trump!

        • Cookie Vranish

          Sorry, we are not that stupid. Dump Paul Ryan!

          • podunk1

            100% with dumping Ryan!


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