Carly Fiorina Has Taken 314 More Questions Than Hillary Clinton

by Joel Gehrke  |  published on May 12, 2015


Carly Fiorina’s campaign points out that she has taken 314 more questions from the press than Hillary Clinton has since their respective presidential campaign announcements.

Fiorina has answered 322 questions since last Monday according to a memo from her team, while, as Politico noted last week, Clinton has responded to just eight questions since launching her campaign on April 12.

“Unlike Hillary Clinton, I am not afraid to answer questions about my track record or my accomplishments or my principles,” Fiorina said on the stump and in the memo.

Fiorina needs the press attention in order to make an underdog bid for the GOP nomination. Hillary Clinton is in a very different position, as the presumptive Democratic nominee.

  • George Cullen

    I studied Carley when she was running for gov. of Calif.
    She passes the hard questions test very well.
    She is a proven leader and fits the conservative model well (which puts her at odds with today’s RINO RNC leadership).
    She may not get the RNC nod for that reason. She is more right leaning than the RNC is left leaning these days.
    My wife correctly pointed out that as a strong Repub. female, it evaporates Shrillery’s appeal to women. I think the public would much rather see a sensible, attractive, well spoken Republican female than an old, haggered-looking, Shrillery, with her fingernails-on-the-chalkboard screechy voice carrying decades of shady, dishonest, shell game, hide the facts lawyering and dishonest Clinton dynesty bully business tactics.
    Who could stand to see that hag face screeching dares and scolds at them every other day, on TV???

  • The redhawk

    Not only she has taken “questions” from Liberal Hedasinass Pretend JOURNALISTS., she took Katie Couric to the shed for a SEVERE ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT CANING”.

  • Lurline Sintros

    +The GOP needs someone better than they have now; maybe she’s the one.

    • The redhawk

      I’d have No problems with Carly… and HILDERBEAST would get DEMOLISHED at ONE on ONE debate with Her1!

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