Carson threatens to bolt from the GOP if party leaders manipulate convention

by Seth McLaughlin  |  published on December 12, 2015

GOP presidential contender Ben Carson said Friday he would consider bolting from the party if Republican leaders try to steer the party’s nomination toward a candidate of their liking in a “brokered” convention.

Mr. Carson’s warning followed a report in The Washington Post that said establishment leaders are growing increasingly concerned about Donald Trump’s hard-charging bid for the GOP nomination.

  • SDofAZ

    Go Carson, go Trump. And we will vote with you both, not the arrogant asses trying to engineer the elections!

  • I Seigel

    A man of integrity, for sure. But certainly NOT knowledgeable about foreign policy, the economy, the military, energy policy or law. An excellent medical man, however, He will continue to prosper with his book deals and speaking engagements long after this election cycle is over. But it looks like his 15 minutes are over – as is Fiorina’s.

  • VAM

    A man with integrity. Too bad the party can have some of that. Losers!

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