Chaos in House after GOP votes down LGBT measure

May 20, 2016

The House floor devolved into chaos and shouting on Thursday as a measure to ensure protections for members of the LGBT community narrowly failed to pass, after Republican leaders urged their members to change their votes.

Initially, it appeared Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney’s (D-N.Y.) amendment had passed, as 217 “yes” votes piled up over 206 “no” votes when the clock ran out. The measure needed 213 votes to pass.

But it eventually failed, 212-213, after a number of Republican lawmakers changed their votes from “yes” to “no” after the clock had expired.

GOP leaders held the vote open as they pressured members to change sides. Infuriating Democrats, they let lawmakers switch their votes without walking to the well at the front of the chamber.

  • John

    a light in the darkness? Finally.

  • J.B. Young

    These LGBT people should not have more rights than anyone else.

  • Major G. J. Lee , Retired

    My opinion is that most of these Republicans condemning and denouncing
    Donald Trump should take a look around at who is getting the lion’s share of
    votes>>>>>>>MR. TRUMP !! These same voters will remember who they
    were when they come up for re-election next time. I personaly think Mr. Trump
    will make an EXCELLENT PRESIDENT, he knows how to MAKE MONEY,
    not just how to take taxpayers’ money and wastefully spend us into bank-
    -ruptcy !!

  • Jerry

    That’s still a lot of republicans going liberal

  • ShemSilber

    “How long, O Yahuwah Almighty, until you send our Master Yahushua (or ‘Lord Jesus’ as the Christians call Him) to lead us in cleaning up this LGBT mess that Azazel, the satanic one, alias Allah has used to deceive people and to turn them away from Your Torah, perverting Your creation that you sent the Master Yahushua to do, by which to enlarge Your family? When will we finally have peace and productivity on earth in Your Presence?”

    Give thanks to Yahuwah, all you who trust in the redemption that He sent in the Master Yahushua, for there will be fulfillment of Isaiah 2:1-4 and Micah 4:1-4, whereby we shall have peace on earth through the Living Torah, the Master Yahushua, writing the Torah on the hearts of all believers (Jeremiah 31:31-34; Hebrews 8:10-12; 10:15-17), omein!

  • MoonBeamWatcher

    Screw the Lame Stream mEDIA’S insistance on
    INSTANT RESULTS that ARE manipulated!

    110% voter turn-out and NO INVESTIGATIONS = BS because it wouldn’t impact the election outcome! IT’S THE GD CRIME NOT THE FINE!

    • Helen

      They claim it would be too costly…..How much has it cost us to have this anti-American living in our White House for the last 7 years????
      Possibly our Country before it is over!

    • carpkiller

      I tried that in the primary. Didn’t work out well.

  • Snoopy

    They are a VERY small percentage of the American Populace. WHY the hell are they getting such attention??? Why are they being allowed to tell the MAJORITY of us what we can and can’t do?
    Tell them to go suck a raw egg!!!!

  • brokebill

    Good for the House. Just maybe they will get a little Trump in them and stand up for our country first. It is about time.

  • Nina814

    The LGBT community need protection who, whom, and what? This is insane! They are the attackers, they look for ways to provoke the community and they need protection? Outrageous!

  • Gerry Costa

    Maybe and that is a big maybe — these gutless repubs found where they lost their nerve and retrieved them. We gave them the majority but up to now have failed miserably in using their power. It is way past due to step up to the plate repubs and show some loyalty to the citizens of this country not to anti-American lunatics.

  • Niko

    By one vote,you have to be F@#$@#$G kidding me. That shows how many RINOS there really are. Everyone in each state needs to see how their representatives voted and then send them packing to the curbside. It should have been all Republicans against the lgbt-whaever FILTH. One vote is disgraceful

  • Mike Tanco


  • Luke

    Of all the problems facing America you see what sort of legislation the demonrats are concerned with passing..
    Our congress needs to take a stand against the evil that is destroying our kids and country..

  • 3CatLady

    Why does a veterans and military construction spending bill have an amendment related to LGBT attached? Look it up. This is one thing I dislike about Congress. They attach UNRELATED stuff to bills. Congress would have better credibility if only related (and not be a stretch of relationship) to a bill be attached or, Heaven Forbid, pass a bill without any amendments. That means they talked among themselves across the isles to come to a mutual agreement. Maybe a real change is what both the WH and Congress and the Supreme Court is need in all branches of government! I believe the forefathers are rolling in their grave.

  • J Wayne Watson

    With a majority of Republicans in the House, it is about time they started getting some backbone. I believe if it were not for Donald Trump’s firm stand on key issues these toadies would have caved in as they have done so many times in the past!

    • brokebill

      Absolutely, Trump is going to clean house!!!!

      • PC Bob

        Yeah, right, I;ve heard THAT story again and again, over the past 50+ years!

    • 3CatLady

      But the backbone ONLY comes when they are up for reelection but after their back, they go their own way and screw the voters – again and again and again and again and again, etc.

      • brokebill

        And we need to throw those out on their azzes. We need integrity in there.

        • 3CatLady

          But, unfortunately, there is a lot to be said for incumbency. Maybe the voters this year will use their brain and vote out those that don’t believe in American, are so progressively left and are out for themselves.

          • brokebill

            I hope so.

          • John

            unfortunately our system has become a popularity contest instead of a honorable character or a moral imperative as a choice for candidates of both party’s.. If you want to get elected your name must be highly recognized not your character or morals or record. The Media will sell the gossip to the highest bidder. That is how we get corruption in government. Would you hire your children’s caretaker this way? I think not.

      • SDofAZ

        That is the reason all the lemmings in the dem and rino category need to be voted OUT! The senate is full of rinos. As long as rinos reign in the GOP this crap will continue. Vote em out. Ward in AZ is running against McCain. I am voting for Ward. Do the same for Rat Ryan and Pelosi this year and that that is three down of the RAT category that seem to be running things. Set sights on McConnell, Lindsay, Rubio, etc.. as they run for reelection. Clean the trash out!

      • MyRoseHasTHORNS

        We need TERM LIMITS for Congress. They also need their gold retirement package rescinded.

        They are supposed to represent ‘We the People” and until we have fear free retirement where we can meet at very least our basic needs, they get NOTHING more than ‘social security’

        • Helen

          Term limits are needed for both the Congress and the – Senate. 2 terms only for both.

          • MyRoseHasTHORNS

            Congress is the term that covers BOTH
            the House of Representatives AND the Senate

          • 3CatLady

            Unfortunately, Congress will NEVER vote term limits for themselves. It isn’t in their DNA. This is the only reason to have a constitutional convention but it should NEVER be done while Obummer and his ilk are in office ‘ cause I don’t trust ’em.

          • PC Bob

            True, but the Senate is a part of the Congress, you know.

      • Merle Dickey

        You vote them out and the new ones are just as bad !!

  • CCblogging

    The queers need to get back in the closet Period.

  • Ramon1710 .

    “Shame! Shame! Shame!” Democrats chanted as they watched the vote tally go from passage of Maloney’s amendment to narrow failure.

    Nyah, nyah, nyah! As though these juveniles know the meaning of the word “shame”, as time after time they vote against the Constitution, morality, and the people they’re supposed to represent.

    To these deviants and their RINO counterparts, black is white.

    • SDofAZ

      I for one am sick of this gender mix in the bathroom. Maybe it is time all businesses and public buildings had individual bathrooms with doors our women can lock. This whole movement has degraded the rights of women and women around this country should hold this bunch in office accountable. I do and the Liar in Chief is at the top if the SOB list. Too bad our votes can’t get him impeached. The lousy congress should have done that years ago! He is a racist lying thug from Chicago and his tactics, actions and words have followed suit. Arrogant narcissistic sociopath that some freeloaders and idiots voted in believing his words only. He history was there for all to see. Just a black racist activist from Chicago who hung out with black racist activist and moslimes. His wife’s thesis was on racism and so skewed on the it is the whites fault that all should have seen their prejudice. Then the thug locked down all his personal records. Something to hide evidently. SOB in chielf indeed!

      • Niko

        I am sure there are no transshit bathrooms at the White House ,Senate or House lounge sites either. What is good for the goose should be good for the stupid ,a-moral, filthy gander.

        • John

          They were well trained by the ” don’t ask don.t tell” Clinton gang

          • Niko

            Of course, the lying pedophile and the filthy lying rug muncher.

    • PC Bob

      Yep, just like their hearts!

  • Gnowark

    They can’t use democrap rules when republicans are the majority, can they? Well, they’ll just have a hissy-fit and show them.

    • Helen

      They are the weakest republicans in the history of America. #1 they should have removed Obama as he is NOT an American citizen, never was! #2 they have caved to him for 7 years. #3 they have not done one thing to insure and fight for the Constitution. #4 they have deceived and voted against the People. #5 They are there to fill their pockets and we the People better wake up and get rid of them now! No more voting someone in for more than 2 terms! That is our responsibility to assure America stays the Land of the Free and the Brave . That also goes for the Senate and perhaps one term in the Senate is enough.

  • Bill Blackstone

    Now the Democratic party is worried about rules.

  • regulus30

    and dumocraps’ ;”chickens have come home to roost”. heehee

  • Mimi

    A glimmer of common sense and sanity remains??? Hope so!


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