Chris Christie takes a post-debate victory lap in New Hampshire

by Seth McLaughlin  |  published on February 8, 2016

GOP presidential contender Chris Christie took a post-debate victory lap here hours after landing some memorable punches against Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, providing the New Jersey governor with a breakout moment days before New Hampshire’s first-in-the-nation primary.

Saturday’s candidates debate has injected some new energy into Mr. Christie’s campaign in New Hampshire, where he has pinned his hopes and has argued that the push to coronate Mr. Rubio as the best alternative to businessman Donald Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz has been premature.

“We cannot nominate a first-term United States senator, and the media and the chattering class is trying to stampede New Hampshire into handing this thing over to somebody who I have been saying for weeks has not been tested, has not been proven and, when the lights go on, I told you he wouldn’t be ready,” Mr. Christie said Sunday at a town hall meeting in a cafeteria at Hampton Academy.

“Well, the lights were bright last night, and all of America saw who is ready and who is not. I am, he’s not. I am ready to beat Hillary Clinton. With your help on Tuesday, we will do it,” Mr. Christie said, sparking applause from the energetic audience.

  • BOC

    When is he going to trial regarding “Bridgegate?”

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